Canada’s state-run “news” agency “reports” on “report” from “communists”

image Quotes aplenty.  The “news” story is found in the BILLION-DOLLAR-PER-YEAR taxpayer-funded abjectly socialist-thinking/reliant/and promoting web site’s “Business” section.  (State-run news agencies are one thing.  But the very idea that socialists can, with a straight face, purport to explain “business” to me is risible.  Actually, also a little insulting.  Of course their idea of “Business” is a little skewed, notably by their socialist thinking.  Note that they call themselves the Canadian Broadcasting “Corporation”.  Corporation!  Wink!  And the web site also has a children’s section for yet another liberal agency’s future state-run children’s “early-learning” purposes.  Wink wink!). 

Spot the communist thinking throughout the story, starting here: 

People in highly taxed countries better off: report

People who live in countries with higher taxes enjoy lower rates of poverty, have more equal income distribution, more economic security for workers and can expect to live longer, suggests a new study from a left-leaning think tank.

Written by two Toronto tax law professors for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the report released Wednesday, is blunt.

Tax cuts are disastrous for the well-being of a nation’s citizens,” say authors Neil Brooks and Thaddeus Hwong.

The “report” is from the “left-leaning” organization that wants to end capitalism and turn the world into a socialist (communism on pot) utopia.  As reported on the “left-leaning” state-run media. 

“Vote liberal”.

Oh and…. “death to America”.

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