State-run media competes against citizens for hockey games—and (shocka!) wins!

The state and its state-run CBC used its taxpayer funding of over one BILLION dollars per year to compete against its own citizens and their citizen-owned companies again, just as it does every day all day long, to beat them—using your taxpayer cash and theirs—for the broadcast rights to NHL hockey games in Canada. 

Go team.

Naturally I’ll continue to watch NASCAR and NFL and NBA and PGA and LPGA golf.  And mostly of course the Fox News Channel since as you may know, watching the state-run CBC actually makes you more stupid each minute you watch it. 

In a hysterical spin—this official comment on the state-run media’s multi-gazzillion-dollar web site division from someone who could only work for the state-run broadcaster, Richard Stursberg, the executive vice-president of the state-run CBC: 

“This is financed completely out of private money … There is no public money involved in this deal,”


What the H-E-double hockey sticks did he just say?! 

Oh my.

Anyway, the deal is said to have cost the state-run media some $85 MILLION dollars (which is their cash, not yours!), and will earn the state some capitalist profit which will likely be spent on more of their far-left political agitprop.  (And therefore of course private corporations won’t earn capitalist profit from this—which is a weird thing for a government to do to its citizens). 

The state-owned media should be banned in this country and that should be enshrined in our constitution.  Clearly.

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