Canada’s state-run media CBC informs us: P.M. Tony Blair is delusional

One of the state-run media’s many official state opinionators (virtually all of them ranging in the political sphere from far fringe radical leftists or Marxists, all the way up to left-wingers) has informed us thusly, so far this week:

Blair is even more delusional than George W. Bush. Perhaps this is why respectable commentators in his country, like Matthew Parris in the Times of London, have openly questioned whether the man is sane.

—Heather Mallick,
Official CBC explainer of how you should think

PTBC's version of a state logo Parris “openly questions” it, but Mallick goes ahead and phrases it in the form of an undisputed statement of fact, in the style of the brilliant philosopher The Prophet Rosie O’Donnell, and naturally adds President Bush into the mix as she, like her Prophet O’Donnell, both suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome.  “Blair is even more delusional than George W. Bush,”  she gleefully informs us. 

Well at least neither O’Donnell nor Mallick are delusional! 

Mallick is paid by the state to provide these facts/opinions.  I imagine the cash she gets comes out of the over one BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR of taxpayer cash that me and you all are told we must provide to the state and its cadre of leftists at the state-run media division in order to inform us of how we are to think (because as you know, we’re too stupid to think on our own—we’re citizens—we can’t do it on our own!). 

In contradistinction, I use my after-tax dollars to pay columnists (at least some of them, and certainly I pay for this site—you don’t) to provide some counterbalance, here at PTBC. 

And that makes sense only in places like the former Soviet Union or in communist China.

As always, I’ll remind readers that state-run or state-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our Constitution.

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