CBC officially decides to bury their heads in sand—to, um, protect you.

Golly thanks dear leader!  The benevolence of your leadership truly enlightens and informs!  Well not “informs” so much as “engineers”… but anyway… let us engage in an round of Kumbaya…

The liberals’ far-left state-run media, the pathologically politically-correct CBC (but by “gosh” they’re “progressive”!), made the official decision (they were up all night thinking about it!) to not show the video released by NBC of the Virginia Tech killer making his insane remarks.  This censorship from the very same network that thinks nothing of informing us that the war on terror is a “so-called war on terror”, and which shows pornography on their state-run web site and which produces flicks, at taxpayer expense,  starring our nation’s pliable youth and depicting them getting their testicles waxed and pulling a pickle out of their backsides, and much much more. 

The leftist nanny-state network constantly decides what’s best for you to see and hear, and what isn’t, after they see and hear it themselves and monitor it for pro-Bush material, pro-Christian material, and other such non-liberal-left material.  They’re the state—so duh! —they know best!  (Think “Beer and Popcorn” !). 

Perhaps they take their cue from the official state regulator—the CTRC—whose liberal appointed bureaucrats are paid to decide what Canadians will see and hear by watching the stuff and listening to it themselves, then pulling facts and figures and “feelings” out of their backsides and establishing laws and regulations out of them thereby creating a government-mandated “Canadian culture”—for us, because we’re too stupid to do it on our own like grownup civilizations.  Vote liberal for more of this! 

CBC’s political correctness censors at work

In their “news” report about it, they inform us that “Competitors ABC and CBS aired portions of the video minutes after NBC showed it, and posted it on their websites, as did CNN.”  Please note that Fox News Channel is not something they deem worthy of mentioning, here, notwithstanding it being the number one cable news network in the U.S. and on planet Earth, by a very wide margin—with its prime-time news shows doubling (or more) the viewership of CNN.  They didn’t see fit to tell you about Fox News Channel, owing, I think, to it being in favor of America and allowing conservatives to say things just willy-nilly—in addition to the usual liberals.  Unlike FNC, the state-run CBC will report “WHAT THEY DAMN WELL FEEL LIKE REPORTING”, and then they tell you how to think about it all, and THEN you can decide. 

(Note that they also don’t mention their Canadian competitor CTV —which they compete against—yes, the state competes against its own citizens.  Perhaps they’re embarrassed to admit that, because after all—what kind of government competes against its own citizens for profits?  Hmm?)

As I constantly tell you, watching the state-run CBC actually has the rare capacity to make you dumber by the second, much like listening to Michael Moore or Rosie O’Donnell.  And as I also always tell you, state-run or state-owned media should of course be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our Constitution.

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