CBC. Fair and balanced. (OK, now get me a Kleenex).

Just now:

The liberals’ state-run left-wing anti-conservative advocacy media division, the CBC (“News” world cable “news” subdivision), just did a story on “man-made global warming”. That’s mostly what they do these days. Gay marriage is now a “settled science”, and they seek to convince you the same has occurred on “man-made global warming”.  (Next up:  what’s up with all that “private enterprise”?).

Intro to the “news” piece by “news” anchor Nancy Wilson

“…And south of the border, environmentalists complain the Bush administration has dropped the ball when it comes to climate change…  for some thoughts on the matter, I’m joined by Brendon Bell—he’s the Washington representative for the Sierra Club Global Warming and Energy Program… “


In order to advance their propaganda

For your edification, they secured an expert for his view, as they always do.  They’re so very benevolent.  And as they always do, the expert always happens to fall into one of two categories (—it’s for the balance!):  the first category is a left-wing advocate.  The other category is a far-left or better yet, an outright Marxist advocate


In this case, the only expert they could find was an environmentalist from the environmentalist religion’s Sierra Club. That’s the one Green Party leader and Liberal Party supporter Elizabeth May used to be involved with or maybe still is but there’s no conflict so shut up.

The spokesman went on and on, answering soft squishy puffball questions being asked by the “news” anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, slamming the evil Bush administration and of course the Harper administration for not keeping up with their radical “the science is settled” demands on the environment.

“The Bush administration is so far out of the mainstream on

this issue —like many other [issues]

…”,  he informs us, he being an expert on everything concerning man-made global warming and, well, left-wing politics. 

At one point, “news” anchor Wilson digests some of what the environmentalist says, and surmises, in another effort to set up a yummy anti-Bush response, “So obviously, at

state level, politicians are taking this seriously


They then balanced that left-wing anti-Bush and anti-Harper screed with, well actually, as usual, that was that.  Job done.  Next story.  No balance necessary.  The news, to these people, is what they want you to hear.  It’s not “the news”—it’s their news. 

Later in the show, they emulated their brethren over at the CTV diocese ( as I blogged yesterday), and did a story on prisoner abuse—which they approach from the standpoint that (1) there is in fact prisoner abuse and it’s rampant and it’s the most important thing and (2) It’s all the Conservatives’ fault; no question ‘bout that (see, it’s also a settled science).  For the balanced approach—just like the CTV—they invited an expert for his opinion:  A guy from the left-wing socialism-pushing George Soros funded Human Rights Watch, just like the CTV—and of course nobody else for balance.  Even their banner was helpful for the purposes of telling dumb canooks how to think: 

How to think: Observe the banner.

Still later, an expert—a university professor (that’s their favorite—they’re very reliably left-wing or Marxist!)—clearly opens up the possibility that “senior Canadian officials” should be tried for war crimes.  Guess that’d be Harper, George Bush style.  How yummy.  Meanwhile, Liberals are still roaming the streets freely. 

For pro-Canadian news, I turned to, well actually I couldn’t find any.  So as usual, it’s off to Fox News Channel where at least they’re pro-American and balanced.

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