CBC should look behind its back

DOW JONES, May 7 2007

Behind them, there’s a roaring stock market.  I don’t just mean that figuratively.  I mean literally.  Look behind you, Jeannie Lee!  I know—it hurts!  But she won’t. 

At the big state-run CBC Newsworld production featurette called “Minding Your Business”, behind the reporter Jeannie Lee, there are all sorts of fancy monitors and cool looking graphics implying that the socialist network is right on top of what they must think is “the dark side”—that “non-socialist, private business” world.  I mean look at that huge neato-looking panel of business monitoring gizmotitude behind her!  That’s some high tech stuff, viewers!  Hope you like it—it’s yours.

Jeannie’s eyes are closed in this screen capture.  Huh.

Of course both figuratively and literally, they seem to like this all merely backing them up:  in the case of the techno backdrop, it’s nothing but a colorful amusement for the viewers— a prop;  and as a socialist outfit, they ironically love the private enterprisers (citizens and businesses) backing them up too through their taxes—it literally props them up. 

Sadly, “Newsworld” should be taken as an example of “irony”, as they forget to mention some things and harp on others, with copious editorializating and visible sneers attached.  As a general matter, it’s short on news and long on liberal-leftist anti-conservative, anti-Bush, anti-American anti-capitalist propaganda, in my sensible, fair and balanced, conservative, free-market, privately-funded (or not even) opinion.  They pretend they’re all about all the news.  It’s called CBC “Newsworld”!  So they purchase props, and act, in lieu of presenting the news of the world.

They totally rely on the yummy excessive taxes generated by resourceful, enterprising Canadians—the ones whose stocks are portrayed behind Jeannie Lee—come on, look, Jeannie Lee!—to fund their hideously biased one BILLION DOLLARS (PLUS) PER YEAR taxpayer-funded agitprop-a-palooza.  And yet they won’t even confront the facts—the news.  While they blather on about U.S. companies buying Canadian companies, nary a word is uttered about the fact that even (as she speaks, as seen right behind her—look Jeannie Lee!), the Toronto Stock Exchange is breaking huge, historic record highs, as is the New York Stock Exchange, which is also featured on their cool graphics, which they never look at or tell us about.

Liberals and socialists hate it when Conservatives are in power and the stock market is breaking records, so they pretend it isn’t happening. 

And they will do so until it starts falling.  Then watch those headlines fly, baby!

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As always, let me repeat my mantra concerning the CBC:  Naturally, state-run and state-owned media should be banned in this country, and enshrined as such in our Constitution. 

Shockingly, she sort of mentioned it—scarcely—barely in passing—just now, at 12:20 PM PDT.  And only the Toronto market (in the “news world”, the Toronto market is rather insignificant compared to the New York market and others, so one would normally mention the New York market as well).  And only mentioned it with reference to another story about an American company taking over a Canadian company.  But hey, maybe she or her staff of business news monitors read private citizens’ blogs like this one to get what’s important, and that’s worth the BILLION bucks right there.


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