Bizarre, leftist CBC to host anti-Bush rocker who helped call for Bush Admin to be “hung and shot”

“The current Administration should be hung, and tried, and shot!!!!!!!!” (uproarious applause)

That was the charming patriotic sentiment screamed out at a recent concert by the horrible and ancient (in terms of its age and its thinking) crap band called “Rage Against The Machine”.  Their marketing hook is to say the word “fu__” as many times as possible, and get the very young naive audience in a drug-induced frenzy about Marxism, basically, and hating anything conservative—especially President George Bush and his administration—but anything conservative, really.

image Therefore, the far-left state-run CBC will naturally host their lead guitarist tonight on state television.  He needs a platform.  He’s a role model for the kids. It’s the CBC.  Go team.



It will be on their fabulous state-owned leftist agitprop show for the kids, called The Hour, featuring the multiple-face (and-who-knows-where-else)-pierced George Stroumboulopoulos.  I’m ever so sure George Stroumboulopoulos will kick Rage butt tonight over his guest being such a raving hate-filled death-to-Bush inciter.  George_Stroumboulopoulos I’m oh-so-sure Stroumboulopoulos is having this fella on as a guest to call him out on his violent Bush hatred message, rather than to stroke him and massage him for it, in a mutual hate-conservatives-a-palooza and virulent anti-Bush and anti-American kind of way.  I’m sure.  It’s for the kids!  And after all, it’s state-run media. 

The Rage Against Conservatives guitarist has said all sorts of heroic role-modelly oh-so-patriotic and not-at-all-Marxist-sounding things over his years.  “That’s the kind of organizing that I hope for. If we keep heading down the path set by this administration, it’s not going to be about getting voted out of office, it’s not going to be about getting impeached — it’s going to be about the White House going up in flames.” (Source:

Another perfectly typical CBC guest. 

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I was right.  Stroumboulopoulos fawned over guest Tom Morello.  Morello denied the band called for Bush and his entire administration to be shot dead, saying that that was merely a fraud perpetrated by Fox News.  Wild cheers from leftist audience of apparent doh-doh brains.  See video above.  Amuse one’s self at his lie.  Another show the CBC will nonetheless be proud of.  And you at the CBC all make me so damn proud too… to have firmly established myself as an opponent of state-owned media.  And to be on the right side.

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