Second-place CNN can’t figger it out, so they laugh like jackasses

The many reasons why Fox News Channel has, by a wide margin, the largest numbers of viewers in all of cable news, has not yet become apparent to the nobs at liberal CNN, nor, of course, in Canada’s all-liberal media. 

“Fair and balanced” is just one concept entirely misunderstood by the CNN crowd—it’s literally but a laugh line used by the left-wing staff and reporters when discussing their better, the good Fox News Channel, which actually is fair and balanced.  It’s literally used as a laugh line by liberals—many of whom never have nor do now watch Fox News Channel.  Maybe it’s nervous laughter. 

Perhaps they should get a clue. 

I bring this up whenever I get a chance, but today it’s because a PTBC reader, Randy, sent this to me this morning:  on the famous Larry King liberal hour (and by the way, Larry’s time-slot competitor, Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly and his O’Reilly Factor, usually gets approximately double the number of viewers—sometimes more than double), Larry’s web page at CNN teases viewers with this well-balanced notation for their May 22 show:


Gee I wonder how that “interview” will go.  And therein lies the point.  With that kind of setup, and Larry’s liberal-appeasing credentials, we know in advance how it will go.  I personally imagine seeing Larry and Al smoking a cigarette after this installment of the ongoing

anti-Republican advertisement

“interview”, and so I will tune-out, thanks.  Serious thinking viewers see it the same way. 

Just yesterday, I blogged about how on the far-left state-run Canadian media’s cable news channel, the awful CBC, they had a long segment on a show called “The Hour” devoted to fawning over a rock band guitarist who, as part of a recent concert, compared the Bush administration to Nazi war criminals and suggested in no uncertain terms that like Nazi war criminals, they should be “hung and shot”.  I included a video of them saying that.  I’m sure that the host of the show, George Stroumboulopoulos, saw it too, since he even told the guitarist that he’d been looking at recent YouTube videos of that precise band concert in question.  When asked, the guitarist lied, and claimed that nobody said that, and that it was merely something of a fraud perpetrated by… Fox News Channel.  Stroumboulopoulos, despite seeing the video, never called him on it.  The audience laughed at the Fox News line. 

And yet they don’t even get the joke.  Maybe it was, once again, nervous laughter.

As I often do let me remind Canadians that thanks in small part to the likes of efforts put forth at this very web site in its earlier days, Fox News Channel is now unbanned in Canada and is actually available—despite the vocal objections of all liberals and the Left in Canada.  However the liberals’ state censor, the CRTC, saw fit to make it available only on the “digital tier”, meaning your cable company or satellite provider need to supply you with a digital box in order for you to view it, and pay an extra fee of roughly $5 per month.  But cut back on something else in your life because it’s worth it.  You need to become fully informed instead of lied to constantly with liberal-left propaganda.  Fox News Channel is absolutely amazing for most Canadians who have never seen such a thing—such actual balance. 

Nearly all cable companies and satellite providers (Rogers, Shaw, Bell ExpressVu, Star Choice, and others) now make it available.  Our local cable company, Delta Cable, amused us with this advertisement when it was unbanned (which was during the Liberal Party’s reign):



And that caused earnest laughter on my part.

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