PTBC welcomes Ted Byfield, columnist; he immediately takes a bite out of CBC

I always advertise ProudToBeCanadian as “conservative—with bite!”  Talk about bite: we hooked a good one!  And he’s a perfect fit for us.  He’s conservative and has a damn good bite. (Read his latest, you’ll see.)

Ted Byfield is one of my long-time favorite Canadian conservative columnists, and he has cordially agreed to join our team of columnists here at PTBC by allowing us to post his columns from the great WorldNetDaily site and the Calgary Sun, in our fantastic conservative—with bite!columnist section.  He joins our Ann Coulter, Barbara Kay, Salim Mansur, Mike Adams, Sheila Wray Gregoire, and numerous other preeminent writers who, like us at PTBC, are anxious to have our conservative message and views understood by more folks. 

As we know, liberals are against that.  That’s one of the ways we know it’s good.

Ted ByfieldTed Byfield is a Canadian magazine and newspaper legend.  You can read some biographical notes in PTBC’s “bio” page, but there is almost not enough room to include all of his accomplishments.  After all, he started in the newspaper business when he was just a very young man, over at the Washington Post.  In addition to writing columns at WorldNetDaily, the Calgary Sun, and the good Western Standard magazine, Mr. Byfield is also general editor of “The Christians”, a 12-volume history of Christianity.  Please visit their web site at, and consider ordering one or more of the 6 volumes currently available.

I’ve already posted Ted’s latest column, which is a scathing review of the state-run media (the CBC) and their latest perfidy.  You have to read it to believe it.  Even I had to read it twice to ensure I wasn’t just imagining things. 

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