CBC NEWS under police investigation in connection with terrorist-like act in Vancouver yesterday

They’ll do anything if it means it will advance their agenda, is my guess. 

Yesterday I blogged about a violent, riotous trashing of a B.C. government office—which I likened to a terrorist act inasmuch as it was exactly like a terrorist act in every which way except they didn’t use bombs and chose to use communists instead — by a left-wing group calling itself the “Anti-Poverty Committee”.  They’re a group of communist misfits who also apparently strongly support native Indians, and is threatening to fight “by any means necessary” for its demands of, among other things, still more free taxpayer-paid housing for people who don’t already have it, and an end to the capitalist system.  Mostly they’re just violent war-hungry communists with a terrorist streak.  The liberal media therefore call them “anti-Olympics”.

From their web site

I wrote in my blog entry yesterday, in part:

…This group is called the Anti-Poverty Committee (tel: 604-682-2726 fax: 604-682-2752 e-mail apc@resist.ca), and therefore that’s what the liberal media calls them, in lieu of “communist terrorists”, which is what they actually are.  The groups (both the “Committee” and, I suspect, the very liberal media) want free government housing for all the people who don’t work and don’t already have free or heavily subsidized government housing…

It turns out I might have been exactly right: the media—and specifically that far-left state-run media—the CBC—may be much more involved and sympathetic to the radical communists than I insinuated in my guesswork. 

According to reports, it seems the CBC TV crew miraculously arrived at the scene before the police were even called, image meaning, perhaps, that they were complicit with what I call the “terrorists”, which is to say that it seems they were tipped-off or directly advised about it in advance by the terrorists so that sympathetic news media coverage would be ensured. 

The CBC at least must have known a violent crime was about to take place, it seems to me.  They must have been told.  And then, If my guessing proves correct, they consciously chose to be a part of it (radical protest groups totally rely on media attention; it’s all for not if there’s no news footage).  The CBC decided to do that, and film it all, rather than call police first, allegedly.  That’s the state-run media doing that.  For you. (?)  With your tax dollars.  And by the way, quite apart from the obvious danger and risk to human life and public property, countless hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will now be spent in the police and justice system to adjudicate the alleged criminals (and then have them released after 3 days by liberal judges and parole board members into society for “reintegration” and “rehabilitation”).  Because nobody who knew in advance, like the CBC, perhaps, called police. 

It’s important to note that an independent sympathetic filmmaker was also invited in advance by the communist terrorists and told to go directly to what would be the scene of the crime, to film it—which he did.  That would be their guaranteed media attention that they so needed.  They would probably have guessed that the filmmaker would provide the terrorists with the footage—which he in fact did—so the terrorists could then provide the footage to the media for the evening news broadcasts, which they seemed to have done.  They probably didn’t bank on the state-run CBC already being there before him—also apparently willingly being part of the team and doing that for them (leftists though they obviously are—as evidently the group agrees).  But yes the CBC did show up even before their filmmaker, much to the obvious pleasure and possible amusement of the communist terrorists!  Then the CBC provided the CBC footage to other news media—Global TV “acquired it” (for cash?  Where’s the cash?), according to the Vancouver Sun story today (below).  So the CBC by-passed the middle man and distributed it FOR the terrorists, directly.  Spread that good news!  Do the bidding of anti-capitalist terrorists!  For free!  In fact profit from it!  At taxpayer expense!  Yay!  Support the CBC! Vote liberal! 

Why would the CBC do that?  Are they in favour of these actions?  Do they share the same point of view?  Otherwise why would they have purposely, knowingly,  put innocent people and public property at very high risk, and cause a huge bill for the public, and take police away from other important work, and help do the bidding of a group such as this?  What kind of people would do this?  I simply can’t believe this all happened like this.

What’s going on around here?

Police review actions of TV crew at office protest

Catherine Rolfsen and Miro Cernetig, Vancouver Sun
Published: Thursday, May 24, 2007

The ransacking of the premier’s Vancouver office by anti-Olympic activists has triggered a police review of Premier Gordon Campbell’s security and the role a television station may have played in fuelling the fracas.

“Frankly I am concerned to see the media there, filming that, and almost directing some of the activities that took place by some of those people,” Campbell told reporters Wednesday.

The television branch of Radio-Canada, CBC’s French network, and anti-Olympic documentary filmmaker Conrad Schmidt were inside the premier’s office during the incident. It remains unclear how—or whether—they were informed of what was to occur there.

CBC-TV said the network expected police to search its offices Wednesday night.

Vancouver police Const. Tim Fanning said police are reviewing Radio-Canada’s involvement in the raid, during which three members of the Anti-Poverty Committee trashed the office and issued a “symbolic eviction” to Vanoc board member and Campbell adviser Ken Dobell.

“We appreciate that journalists and camera people are invisible and just there to report things,” Fanning said. “But I guess there’s that fine line and that debatable line that if they know a criminal act is going to take place and their presence may escalate a situation, is their responsibility to not go into that place or is it their responsibility to phone police?” he asked.


Radio-Canada confirmed its presence at Tuesday’s incident, but spokesman Jeff Keay wouldn’t disclose how it found out about the event.


Footage of the raid was shown by Global BC and CTV Tuesday night, but neither of the news agencies had crews in the office at the time of the raid.

Global BC news director Ian Haysom said he didn’t know about the protest or the press conference, but Global later acquired the footage from Radio-Canada.


Schmidt said he arrived shortly after the activists had entered the office. Radio-Canada was already there, he said, but wouldn’t tell Schmidt how it found out about the protest.

Will the whole liberal media cabal hunker down now and cower to protect their CBC brethren?  Or could this be another missed watershed moment in liberal-leftist media exposure? 


I’ve noticed that so far this morning, no TV news media seems to be covering this story at all.  I can tell you that an Ottawa hockey team will be in the Stanley Cup playoffs, though, since they covered that rally live for about 20 minutes.

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