I guess the CBC will be all over the just released Al Qaeda torture manual

Oh.  You mean they only care about those tales of American “torture” as advanced by rabidly anti-Bush and anti-Americans?  And they won’t spend endless months and months discussing this manual?  Oh! 

Then they won’t be interested in how the actual evil people, the Islamist jihadist savages, use blow torches, electric drills and meat cleavers to torture and get info out of their victims, not vastly unlike the former Iraq president Saddam Hussein and his torture of hundreds of thousands of his naughty people.  The “how-to” handbook was discovered by U.S. forces (the other equally evil ones, watch CBC for more information) in an Iraqi safe house. 

‘How-to’ Manual Found in Al Qaeda Safe House Shows Disturbing Torture Methods

WASHINGTON —  Al Qaeda terrorists use blow torches, electric drills and meat cleavers to torture and force information out of their victims, according to a “how-to” book discovered in a terrorist safe house in Iraq.

The Defense Department recently released disturbing images and cartoons showing how to torture a captive found by American forces during a raid on a Al Qaeda safe house a few weeks ago. They also found photos of tortured Iraqi victims.

Click here to view it—but be warned—very disturbing—not for kids or the feint of heart.  These are graphic and ugly.

Just scoured the multi-gazillion-dollar state-run CBC people’s web site, and they have nary a word about this torture matter.  Did a search just to make sure, and, after it errored-out, it eventually came up with only stories of American torture allegations.  Weird huh? 


Still can’t find anything at the state-run CBC web site.  So, in effect, if you got your news from the CBC, you would NOT KNOW that the Americans found an Al Qaeda torture manual in Iraq.  You would only know about American “torture” allegations made by anti-Americans, against America, and allegations of torture in Afghanistan which was happily allowed by Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.  And you would call the war on terror a so-called war on terror”.  And you would vote liberal.  And hate America.  And possibly Canada.


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