CBC types out the whole “F-ing” word in stories to quote Harris; but not so much for Shane Doan

More on the hideously stupid Ipperwash report (see previous entry here):

Strike up a parliamentary committee, liberals!  It’s the bogus story about Shane Doan’s “F-ing Frenchmen” redux, only changed a bit.  In this new version, the media gleefully types out the whole word rather than using asterisks.  Guess they liked Shane Doan.

Now, suddenly, typing that “F”-word in news stories means sweet F-all.  The most important word of the day is “F-ing” (fully typed out).  They can’t stress it enough in the liberal media, even though it has scant importance to the story—if any at all whatsoever.  They are stressing it almost as much as the word “Conservative” in reminding us of the party that Mike Harris once, um, didn’t lead in Ontario—he actually led the Progressive Conservative Party, not the Conservative party, not that his political party matters one whit except to liberal media reporters.  I’m only surprised they didn’t call him a Christian.

By the by:  Mike Harris was exonerated.  Hey! There’s another word that suddenly changed its meaning and importance!  Liberals used to think that word was sacred!  SACRED, I tells ya!  Didn’t you hear?  Martin was exonerated!  That means he dint do no wrong, as I understand it.  Depends, I guess. 

The liberals’ Globe and Mail wrote about it by ensuring that we suck up the whole ugly awfulness of the naughty naughty word uttered by a non-liberal (and even though they do, I won’t type that word out on my web site): 

While he found that Mr. Harris did make the controversial comment that he “wanted the fu**ing [Joel edited this] Indians out of the park”, he questions exactly when that comment was made.

Fantastic.  (And we so care “exactly when that comment was made”, by the way.) 

Meanwhile, the obsessively politically-correct asses at the state-run people’s web site, the multi-gazillion-dollar never-do-no-wrong CBC.ca, went ahead and wrote out the whole F-ing word in each of at least two separate | stories.  Once again, unlike the state-run media, I won’t type that word out on my web site, since I care about what people think about me and my web site which is financed almost entirely by me personally: 

Harris acknowledged during his testimony that he wanted the occupation brought to a quick end, but denied he said, “I want the fu**ing [Joel edited this] Indians out of the park,” as former Ontario attorney general Charles Harnick alleged during his own testimony.

How nice.  Wonder if Peter Mansbridge will say it good ‘n loud on this evening’s news.  I’ll be listening and recording as usual. 

Incidentally, when they wrote about our Ann Coulter, who said (in a joke, in March) the word “faggot” in reference to the little wuss Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, the CBC wrote in their story:  “Many were angered by her use of the “f-word”.  Apparently the word “faggot”, even when used in this context, is taboo to type in stories, but fu** is perfectly lovely.  Being a liberal is hard.

Meanwhile, the liberals’ liberalvision CTV followed suit: 

During the inquiry’s testimony, former Ontario attorney general Charles Harnick told the probe, that he heard Harris say: “I want the fu**ing [Joel edited this] Indians out of the park” during a meeting with senior government officials at the height of the standoff.

Charming.  Wonder if Lloyd Robertson will say it good ‘n loud on this evening’s news. 

While CNews.com presents their story about it by headlining it with a gratuitous bashing of former Ontario premier Mike Harris, even though they also admit right up front in their sub-head that he was exonerated, and even though it has practically NOTHING to do with ANYTHING, they then, however, go right into him again over it.  But at least they chose to blank-out sufficient letters of the F-ing word allegedly used one day in a heated moment by the ever so naughty Mr. Harris, rather than type out the whole word. 

Mike Harris used racist slur: Ipperwash report

Also finds former Ontario premier did not interfere in park occupation


The head of the Ipperwash inquiry has ruled that former premier Mike Harris told a high-level meeting on the day Dudley George was killed that “I want the f—-ing Indians out of the park.”

But Justice Sidney Linden also found that while Harris’s comment was “racist” and the premier was critical of police, Harris did not interfere or give inappropriate directions to the police at Ipperwash.


Oh and there’s this:  in Cnews.com’s online poll, 71% think Harris should not apologize and/or he is not to blame.  Duh.  Tell the media.


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