CBC Things Ignored Monday: al-Qaeda leader killed in Iraq; anti-socialist Chavez protests grow…

Here are some stories the agenda-driven far-left state-run CBC Newsworld or their massive multi-gazillion-dollar state-run web site won’t touch today, from what I can see:

Iraqi army kills Al-Qaeda leader in Baghdad


Jun 4 09:07 AM US/Eastern
Iraqi soldiers have killed a senior Al-Qaeda leader in a clash inside one of Baghdad’s historic Sunni quarters, military spokesman Brigadier General Qassim Atta said Monday.

“He was from Al-Qaeda, they called him the ‘Governor of Adhamiyah’,” Atta told AFP. “He was killed during clashes with the 11th Division’s first brigade this morning, and 11 of his aides were arrested.”

Adhamiyah is a Sunni enclave in north Baghdad, a cluster of streets around an historic mosque surrounded by a US-built concrete security barriers and hostile Shiite districts roamed by militia fighters.

Abdullah’s death is the second reported killing of an Al-Qaeda street captain since last week, when nationalist insurgents in the Sunni suburb of Amiriyah violently turned against Al-Qaeda’s Islamists. 


They never report on the folks who don’t ride shotgun in their agenda drive. like this—the 4,965th such report. 

Global warming—just “hysteria”?

[…] Meanwhile, former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt called for an end to the “hysteria” over global warming in the lead-up to the summit. The topic is “hysterical, overheated, and that is especially because of the media,” Schmidt told Germany’s Bild daily.

There has always been climate change on earth, Schmidt said.

“We’ve had warm- and ice-ages for hundreds of thousands of years,” he said, and added that the reasons behind the multiple climate changes have been “inadequately researched for the time being.”

To assume that global climate change can be altered by any plans made at the Heiligendamm summit is “idiotic,” he said.

Here’s news going on in the world that you won’t even remotely know about if all you watch is the far-left, agenda-driven, Canadian state-run news media, the CBC, or Venezuelan TV:

From Fox News Channel:

Venezuela Students Clamor Against Chavez







I’ve mentioned over the | past couple | of weeks that the state-run CBC is rather sheepish about this potentially embarrassing blot on their socialist dreams: the similarly-minded socialist anti-Bush leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, wanting nothing but state-run TV in his country, and the protest growing as he closes privately-owned TV channels and cranks up state-run TV stations.  I think the CBC fears fomenting Canadian protest against their state-run media here.  I included this still-capture of the CBC Newsworld anchor Nancy Wilson looking extremely sheepish as she mentioned the story in passing, just once, quickly, last week. 

CBC anchor Nancy Wilson: ugh: do I have to read this?
This is NOT “very interesting”! 
CBC anchor -- ugh: do I have to read this?

…And you’re missing so much more too.  And getting very poorly presented one-sided “information”. 

That’s one of the reasons why state-run or state-owned media should of course be banned in this country, and that should be enshrined in our constitution.

CBC also won’t cover this story, probably
Loyal liberals will stand behind William (“cold hard cash”) Jefferson


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