NDP’s Bill Siksay gets face time on CBC to advocate for illegal immigrant; then it’s “suing the CIA”

Typical “news” story on state-run CBC: a far-leftist politician stages a “news” conference simply to get some face time on TV and demand that our country accept an Arab Muslim immigrant now living here illegally… just because.

Why is Svend Robinson’s replacement value, Bill Siksay of the you’ve got to be kidding party, claiming that Canada ought to welcome an Algerian Arab who is illegally living here despite his deportation years ago, and who came here to Canada as a refugee from none other than the U.S.A, on the claim that life there was “uncomfortable” since 9/11 as an Arab Muslim? 


Abdelkader (“Kader”) Belaouni said he experienced a backlash against Arabs and Muslims there in terrible America.  His life became “difficult” and “uncertain” after 9/11, notwithstanding the fact that there are well over a MILLION Arabs currently living there most quite happily earning more than the median U.S. income.

Belaouni fled Algeria in 1996 because he no longer felt safe in that warring country. He moved to New York City, but he said that after 9/11, it was “difficult”. So Belaouni crossed the border and filed a refugee claim in Canada—as a “refugee” from the United States of America.  Based on it being “difficult”. 

Svend’s Siksay seemed to be saying that we ought to “protect” Belaouni’s “right” to live in our country illegally by providing him with amnesty, and then to “protect” him from… the American people. 

He literally said our government should “respect the call of many Canadians and Quebecers who believe that Belaouni must receive Canada’s protection and remain here.” 

Our government should respect what now?  “The call”?  Respect “the call”?  How about respecting our “laws”, Siksay?  Nah—too radical, I know. How about respecting the immigrants who have done it all right and legally and are awaiting status?

And “protection” from whom?  America and Americans? 

These people are living on a different planet. 

Here’s a clue found at a web site supporting his effort:

Belaouni and his supporters have reframed the debate. Instead of focusing on risks he may face if forced to return to Algeria they are making the case that he should be allowed to stay based on his right—on the rights of all human beings—to choose where he lives his life. But won’t Canada’s borders be flooded with refugees? “That’s exactly the point,” says [Jordan Topp, a member of The Committee to Support Abdelkader Belaouni].

Topp’s analysis is shared by Samir Shaheen-Hussain, a member of the NoOne Is Illegal collective in Montreal. “Because of the primal injustices that exist globally, people should be able to move wherever they wish,” says Shaheen-Hussain. “So long as wealthy, powerful corporations and nation-states continue to benefit from the oppression and exploitation of those living in the global South, those people who are displaced should have the freedom of movement to determine where they will live”

Mm hmm. So I went to the “No One Is Illegal” web site and About Us says:

We aim to expose and educate people about the links between the “War on Terrorism” abroad and “Fortress North America” at home from an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-patriarchal perspective, while asserting a vision for open borders and social/economic justice.


Immigrant and aboriginal communities are building greater trust in our visions of an alternate world.

When I said “These people are living on a different planet”, I may have jumped the gun:  As you can see above, they actually seek “an alternate world”. 

If you want to contact someone at their web site, you’re led to an email address of someone at “resist.ca”, where their “mission statement” is as follows:

The Resist Collective is an autonomous body based in Vancouver, Canada. Our purpose is to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with freedom of expression and freedom from want, a world without oppression or hierarchy, where power is shared equally. We do this by providing communication and computer resources to allies engaged in struggles against capitalism and other forms of oppression…

They do accept donations by capitalist credit cards through the capitalist Paypal however, as I do


As I’m finishing up this blog entry, the CBC provides face-time to a woman from a human rights group called Center for Human Rights and Global Justice which is now suing the CIA on behalf of Islamist terrorists who are held in U.S. detention. 


Personally, I’m on our side.


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