State-run CBC “business” reporter quotes “study” done by far-leftist socialist group

Jeannie Lee, the state-run media’s “business” reporter (no, she nor anybody else at the state-run media find it incongruous for a socialist outfit, the CBC, to presume to inform Canadians about grown-up business and markets) just quoted at length from a “study” done by the very far-left political Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (where the “Alternative” is a global socialist world order and an end to capitalism as we know it).  Bad enough: but she proceeded to call it simply the “Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives”.  No, not the “far-left…”, or the “left-wing…”, or the “socialist…”, or the “anti-national defence…” Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives; despite their core values being the dispensation of far-left political and economic agitprop. 

Note that the liberal media style guide mandates that when referring to the good Fraser Institute (which simply stands for normal free markets that built our free country), one or more of the following scare words needs to be prefaced:  “the right-wing…”, the “far-right…”, the “pro private enterprise-espousing…”, or the “very right-wing so take what you’re about to hear with a haYUGE grain of salt…” Fraser Institute. 


The funny thing was that the 16-page “study”, which on page six actually quotes leftist MP Ujjal Dosanjh (who sounds very much like a communist to me), and on page 13 refers to what an socialist peacenik NDP MP thinks about military procurement, deployed the guise of indignation over how our Defence department used the “non-competitive” bidding process to secure some of the equipment for our fighting military in Afghanistan, even though the purchases weren’t an “emergency” in the eyes of the war geniuses at the far-left anti-national-defence Center for Policy Alternatives.  That was of course their avenue to fulfill what I think is the Center’s anti-war and anti-national defence stance. 

It’s risible.  Suddenly they care about “market competition” in bidding for military equipment —but of course they’ll care about anything if it means stalling our national defence and reducing its effectiveness in a time of war because that’s how the liberal-left thinks.  Inasmuch as our military was in fact near rust-out before the Conservatives came to power, and we’re now in the midst of fighting a global war on terror, I’d say every roll of duct tape is an emergency.  Then again I’m not a leftist droid. 

No word from the socialist fringe group Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives about the “non-competitive” nature of our socialist healthcare system which they adore, and which relies on the very “non-competitive” government monopoly over which they feign indignation in the case of national defence.

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