CBC anchor links U.S. policy… to Hamas terrorists pushing Palestinians off building tops?

It was literally one of the stupidest things I’ve heard on television in at least a week. 

On the liberals’ state-run media, the CBC’s Newsworld channel, (390 on my dial with other CBC channels taking up many of the others against my will), they brought on the usual type of suspect to “analyze” and “discuss” (code for “here comes another lecture from the anti-American left”) the current crisis in Gaza and the West Bank, wherein Islamist terrorists are taking control. 

The guest, a fellow from the Middle East Institute, Clayton Swisher,  attempted to appease the right-thinking among us (strange for a CBC interview, but maybe he just got off a Fox News Channel interview where he would have been challenged at every turn), by comparing the struggle there to “market forces”


You see, the (evil —wink!) United States has taken the side of Fatah—the comparatively “moderate” President Mahmoud Abbas-led government of the Palestinian Authority—instead of Hamas, the full-on Islamist terrorist group which won the last parliamentary elections and which refuses, no matter what, to recognize Israel’s right to merely “exist”.  The U.S., the European Union, and Canada and other countries backed Fatah instead of the Hamas terrorists (which are backed by Syria and Iran—radical Islamist dictatorships) and Hamas was the popular favorite amongst the Palestinians.  Or as the expert Swisher describes it, “the market forces went with Hamas”. 

And the west has now chosen the wrong side in the Palestinian matter, and today, as Gaza turns into an Islamist territory, “market forces” are simply making a (and I quote) “market correction”.  Too cute by half.

Not mentioned by the CBC (something I find troubling but absolutely typical), Clayton Swisher is a also a founder of something called “The American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights”, which provides a clue, in advance, as to how an interview with him might go.  The CBC would likely know about this if they have a computer with an internet connection.  In an interview in 2003, he described his role in that organization as concentrating on the “harm” caused by the US “biased and unqualified support of Israel’s military occupation policies and practices.”

Here’s another quote:

“Many of my law enforcement colleagues placed the blame for Sept. 11, 2001 on Islam. I knew this to be false. Others, many of whom I agreed with, saw the events of that day as partly the result of our government’s Middle East policies, which for years have contradicted our American ethos abroad.”

In other words, he blames the United States for 9/11, instead of Islamist terrorists, according to my reading.  Maybe I’m wrong. I’m not completely fluent in “innuendo”.

Therefore, David Gray, the CBC “news” anchor “interviewing” Swisher, seemed to me to totally Hoover up all that Swisher uttered in this “interview”—buying it all —and seemed to agree with Swisher when he asked him in one of his typically CBC/liberal-style “hard-hitting questions” to a fellow believer: 

”…so you’re telling me that part of the problem here is U.S. policy gone awry… let’s talk about just how badly it [U.S. policy] has gone awry, because we’re hearing horrific stories right now inside Gaza—people being made to climb to the top of buildings and being pushed off … Fatah men led out, stripped-down and killed literally in front of their families who are trying to intervene … could it GO any worse than it is right now?”


As such, it sounded to me like he tacitly linked U.S. policy (“gone awry”) to the Fatah-supporting Palestinian people being forced (by Islamist Palestinian terrorists which the U.S. abhors) to climb to the top of buildings and then being pushed off to their deaths, among other evil acts.  Again, not being fluent in “innuendo” and “CBC”, I’m not entirely sure I heard that correctly and that my reading of it is correct.

(Predictable answer to “could it GO any worse…?”: ”…absolutely!, yes!…”)

But getting back to the market, apparently the U.S. should back whatever the local “market forces” decide—that being the popular choice in the region or in this case, Islamist terrorists backed by Iran and Syria.  That’s because the U.S. are crazy capitalists, I guess.  Ipso facto, the U.S. should back Iran’s Ahmadinejad, and Syria, in addition to Hamas, all of which are self-declared enemies of the United States and in the case of Iran, has in one fashion or another declared that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth (then it’s on to the real goal, the U.S.!). 

As I recall, Saddam Hussein won his latest (and last) election by 100% of the people.  Similarly, America and Canada alike should have backed Hitler.

P.S. Cuurent President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah won 62.5% of the vote in 2005.

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