Maybe the CBC thinks they’re “so-called” terrorists

Not even.  No.  They’re “militia forces”. 

Liberals don’t like to invoke the word “terrorist” or any related word because they think it boosts the fortunes of conservatives, who are tough on terrorism while liberals and the left generally are soft or entirely absent on terrorism. 

The liberals’ state-run media in Canada—the CBC (using in this case their “Newsworld” option which is one of about a dozen CBC channels on my dial against my better judgement and also against my will)—just made it through an entire lengthy story starring reporter Adrienne Arsenault about the self-made Palestinian crisis between rival Islamist groups, without once mentioning the word “terrorists”.  That’s notwithstanding the official designation of “terrorist organization” having been bestowed upon Hamas by her government and employer, Canada, of one of the groups and the one which has just taken over Gaza, breaking every Geneva Convention rule in the book (but who cares—ain’t no Bush or Cheney in this story!). 

Perhaps she doesn’t agree with her country on this terrorist designation thing, and seeks to inject her own view, or to be so-called “objective” rather than take sides (like Canada’s side, say).  She would know best, after all, as she is a reporter. 

“News” anchor David Gray just called them “Hamas militia forces”.  Cute.

Here’s a picture of a “Hamas militia forces” man. 

The reporter, Adrienne Arsenault, sounds like maybe she just heard about the Hamas folks today, and knows nothing about them.  She suggests that perhaps the people living in Gaza just want to rely on Hamas to send their kids to school (not mentioning anything about the possibility about them, say, sending the little ones to Israel as human homicidal bombs)—all without once mentioning that they’re barbaric Islamist TERRORISTS.  It’s quite a feat.

Adrienne Arsenault said: ”…you know…. Gazans are desperately poor … they are exhausted, they are a besieged people … and what they crave most of all regardless of the some of the ideology, is someone who will feed them, who will restore law and order, uh, who will help them build an economy, allow them to be safe, send their children to school, live very normal lives.  If Hamas seems to be in control, then Hamas will get a lot of the support on the ground…”

…and nothing could go wrong with that scenario. 


Maybe just as they call the global war on terror a “so-called” war on terror, they think terrorists are “so-called” terrorists.  I don’t know if Adrienne Arsenault thinks all that machine gun fire and rocket launches right behind her is “so-called” machine gun fire and rocket launches, or what. 

Personally, I’m on Canada’s side.

So it’s over to Fox News Channel now, where they are on America’s side, and they provide useful information about this stuff. 

(UPDATETTE: See later blog entry)

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