Happy Tax Freedom Day!

It’s a happy day, and although it’s earlier this year than last, the down side is that many years ago, this day came in back in April.  This later Tax Freedom Day creep is what you call “progressive”, or to put it another way, “liberal-left politics”. 

The good Fraser Institute devised this day many years ago and it has now become a staple. 

Of course unlike the manner in which I’ve presented this story, if you read about it in the liberal media, it will read more like “The far-right-wing conservative free-market conservative-oriented (so take this crap with a haYUGE grain of salt) Fraser Institute’s so-called ‘Tax Freedom Day’, is today.  In other news, there’s more dead folks in Iraq today as a result of Bush’s so-called ‘war on terror’.” 

And on the state-run CBC (which because of their one BILLION dollar per year government subsidy is actually one of the reasons for the late June Tax Freedom Day) they’d run an accompanying article on how much Canadians actually love paying taxes, as if they were insane people.  Oh hang on, I don’t even have to make this up: 


Happiness is paying your taxes, study suggests

Last Updated: Friday, June 15, 2007 | 3:04 PM ET
CBC News

Contrary to the common notion that paying taxes can be a painful experience, researchers at the University of Oregon say the practice actually may trigger feelings of satisfaction and happiness…

(Hat tip to Kevin for the CBC article last week)

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