CBC reports on far-left Cdn. Centre for Policy Alternatives; Not left-wing.

The state-run CBC Newsworld (their “Business” report segement—oh dear—nobody there finds this concept incongruous) just reported on a “study” done by the far-left Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives, where the “alternative” is what they advocate for—a world-wide socialist order and an end to capitalism as we know it. Some might say they’re communists. 

But to the CBC, they’re just the “Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives”.  Note that any mention of the Fraser Institute is prefaced with all manner of “the right wing”, or “the far-right”, or the “they’re for the free markets that built our nations so take what they’re saying with a haYUGE grain of salt…” Fraser Institute.

Their latest report shocked us all.  CBC reported it over the banner “LOST PAY CHEQUE”.  It went something like this:  The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, workers of the world unite, or some such nutroot moonbattery.

CBC doesn’t have a communist logo for their banner needs.

CBC Newsworld “news” anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, was doubly interested in this story.  She tossed the story back to herself by saying to the “business” reporter, Jeannie Lee, and I quote, “Very



image They could use this if they want to. 

Or they could just contact their friends at “The Centre” for graphics.

CTV.ca uses a Canadian Press story, which begins:

OTTAWA —Canada’s workers are not reaping the rewards of economic expansion and the hard work they are putting in to increase productivity, says a new study by a left-wing think tank.

…leaving out the words “far” and “possibly communist” in front of “left wing”.

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