State-run CBC leftist agitprop effort fails: pro-life forces win (therefore: it’s “controversial”)

The liberalvision’s (leftist political) editors deemed that this story should be put in their “SCI-TECH” section.  That way you won’t see it as political.

It isn’t in their “CANADA” section, which they reserve for stories like the very political very far-leftist interest group Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives story: “Workers being short-changed on the job: study” (see my blog entry); or in their “POLITICS” section which they reserve for non-“CANADIAN” stories like: “Canadian unity strongest since 1960s: Harper”.  No.  It’s in their “SCI-TECH” section.

Exemplary of liberal-left mediathink:
Left-wing political agitprop is “Canadian news”.
Prime Minister on unity: “political”.
image image

…and this CBC “controversy” is “SCI-TECH”

CBC Facebook experiment dogged by controversy

Updated Thu. Jun. 28 2007 8:16 AM ET
Canadian Press

TORONTO—An online experiment involving the CBC and Facebook has become dominated by debates over abortion and same-sex marriage, with the public broadcaster defending the informal poll as a successful foray into new media.

The Great Canadian Wish List – in which Canadians are encouraged to visit a Facebook page to post their hope for the future – comes to a close this weekend with a call to ban abortion as the No. 1 entry as of Wednesday.

The outcome has observers pointing to the sophisticated ways that lobby groups are infiltrating and taking advantage of social networking sites, and CBC fans questioning the public broadcaster’s judgment.

“I don’t know that it’s made CBC look like a responsible broadcaster, I don’t know that it’s made it look like they’re on the forefront of incorporating new technology into their media palate,” said journalist Elaine Corden, who wrote a column about the wish list for the

[Joel notes: is a self-acknowledged and committed left-wing web site run by left-wing socialism advocates—which this report fails to mention as per the usual liberal media style of reporting.]

“In some ways it’s kind of embarrassing for them.”

[It’s “embarrassing.”  OK.]

“It’s made the CBC look like they did something without being able to anticipate how easily a blatantly populist scheme could be perverted or hijacked or whatever you want to call it by special interest groups.”

The CBC should not be getting involved in anything like this. 

The top five issues people brought up:

1. ban abortion;
2. continue to allow abortion;

[Joel notes that this one wasn’t a “hijacked” thing that was “infiltrating and taking advantage” of the idea.]

3. have “a spiritual revival in our nation”;
4. restore the traditional definition of marriage;
5. lower or eliminate tuition fees.

Here’s how you can vote: 

You may have to join Facebook if you are not already a member. It’ free.

· To vote for “Abolish Abortion in Canada“, you must first join the CBC Wish List group here.  (Click on “join group”)

Then vote for by clicking this URL and then clicking on “Add Support”:

You will be asked to confirm your support, and then you’re done.

· Another wish worthy of support is this one:
Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage

Vote for it with the same procedure here.

And once again, let me remind Canadians that obviously, state-run or state-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.

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