CBC not done promoting Michael Moore’s new movie yet

…And this is even before they start their cycle of running and re-running the film on our nation’s public airwaves, over and over and over and over, with the attendant interviews and teasers and ads, just exactly as they’ve done for Michael Moore’s other left-wing anti-conservative, anti-Bush films, at our expense as Canadian taxpayers.  But I know, I’m a nob—they know what’s good for us over there at the CBC—I don’t. 

Yesterday they fawned over him in an extended interview on the state-run NEWS channel, “Newsworld”.  It’s news dammit!  And Moore said “Canada” once… so it’s Canadian dammit!  And he’s an overtly left-wing socialist anti-American, so it’s perfect CBC-type claptrap, obviously you doofus neocons!). 

They had the official state movie suggester on the Newsworld all-news channel this morning informing Canadians that it’s a… “MUST SEE!!”

Here’s another scene.  They’re so excited!

And hey see?  The BILLION dollars per year taxpayer funded CBC doesn’t hate ALL of America despite what appears patently obvious to some.  The state-run CBC promotes some certain types of “select” Americana.  Mmmyou see they select anything that is left-wing-promoting propaganda, and carefully screen that for its degree of anti-American-ness.  Certainly anti-Bush, and anti-conservative things get a nod.  And if it’s anti-Christian then it will be reviewed favorably on “The Hour”.  If it also hits Canadian traditions and free enterprise, then it goes on “The Passionate Eye”. 


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