Failed Liberal past leader and PM Paul Martin yells at gov’t on behalf of Indians at “rally”


Failed Liberal leader Paul (“we lead the world!”) Martin participates in the anti-government native protest (the CBC calls it a “rally”) today, and seems to struggle to find just the right juicy words to demean Canada. 

He didn’t mention anything about being the failed past leader of the party and ideology that (aside from the natives themselves) are mostly responsible for the plight of the Canadian Indian today.  He just talked about the phony “Kelowna Accord”, and yelled a lot. 

Vote liberal.



Later, and I’m guessing this will continue throughout the day on their excruciatingly boring news cycle, the CBC replayed the Martin speech, and talked fawningly at length about what he said.  They heart him. 

”…How did people respond to what Mr. Martin had said?” asked the “news” reporter Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson. 

Chris Goldbrick—reporter on the scene—responded:  “Oh well they were obviously very very happy about

[pronounced “aboat”]

what Mr. Martin had to say … they believed in what Mr. Martin had to say…” 


Then Wilson teased an upcoming clip about…. the Michael Moore movie (AGAIN!  YAY!  It’s Michael Moore Pride Week!).  They just can’t stuff enough liberal-left in the day.


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