Layton “TV Blogs” on State-Run News Media

Just now… alert… hot off the press… breaking news…:  absolutely nothing.  Or shall we say: Jack Squat.

But I get it now:  State-run media and liberalvision generally is adopting the newfangled media techniques and is becoming left-wing video blogs.  Unfortunately, they’re crappy bloggers, which is to say they have nothing original to say but they say it anyway and what they report is horribly researched, badly written, and seemingly designed to bore.  What’s really unfortunate is that one outlet, the state-run media, or what we could call the Jack Squat Blog, is by definition state-run and taxpayer funded. I already pay for a blog—this one.

The leader of the you’ve got to be kidding party, General Jack (“Squat”) Layton, continued to justify his well-earned party moniker today.  And apparently the liberal media in Canada is fighting for ownership (or sharezees) of that moniker for their video blog channels.  Jack Layton had utterly NOTHING to say this morning in his big face-time production on the liberal-left’s very obliging state-run media division, which, given their budget, must have had some inkling in advance that he had utterly nothing—NOTHING —newsworthy to tell the nation.  It was merely another mindless blog entry.  On our dime.

Apparently bored and thinking out loud in his “news conference” (which is something that used to be events reserved for “actual news”—and this one was broadcast live), he repeated his pathological habit of demeaning this nation with his sickening betrayal of Canada’s war effort and that of our Canadian troops fighting a war in Afghanistan for freedom and democracy and against the roots of Islamist terrorism.  How much does Layton value their contribution?  Well, he demanded they all come home.  Now.  That’s how much he values our troops and their valiant work.  “It’s the wrong mission; it’s not working; it’s not going to accomplish the goals,’’ said Layton, holding up a white flag and demanding we surrender.  We should instead just negotiate with the barbaric Islamist terrorists who hate our guts and everything we stand for… for “peace”.  Negotiation of course means giving them something.  What, Jack?  He had no answer. This is a terrible blog.

Anyway, then the speech-reading portion of the “news conference” was over.  Any questions? 

Yes!  The first question was from a reporter who wanted to know what Jack thought about the NATO troops killed today in Afghanistan.  My blog-related email is far more vital than that.

To my surprise, Jack thought it was awful.  And then he used it as a convenient launching pad to prove his point which is, see, if our troops weren’t there, no troops would be killed. 

Perhaps the news conference/blog was designed to provide a glimpse into the mind of a simpleton.  It worked in that regard.  Maybe it is worth it.

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