AFP news wire begs the question

I love how the wire service AFP (Agence France Press) makes an effort to turn the readers’ attitudes mid-story, using specious logic, in order to get readers to fall more in line with their agenda rather than simply reporting and letting readers decide.  You see, the subject isn’t in line with their agenda.  Look at the headline!  That ain’t liberal! But at least they put hypocrisy in scare quotes.

(Hat tip to Won-t Want To for the article)

Arctic Monkeys shiver at Live Earth ‘hypocrisy’

PARIS (AFP) – British rock group Arctic Monkeys have become the latest music industry stars to question whether the performers taking part in Live Earth on Saturday are suitable climate change activists.

“It’s a bit patronising for us 21 year olds to try to start to change the world,” said Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, explaining why the group is not on the bill at any of Al Gore’s charity concerts.

“Especially when we’re using enough power for 10 houses just for (stage) lighting. It’d be a bit hypocritical,” he told AFP in an interview before a concert in Paris.

Bass player Nick O’Malley chimes in: “And we’re always jetting off on aeroplanes!” …

OUCH! you liberals or Al Gore might say. 

But don’t worry.  Liberal media to the rescue.  Next paragraph:

Large parts of the band’s hometown of Sheffield, an industrial city in northern England, were flooded at the end of last month after a deluge of mid-summer rain that some blamed on global warming. Two people were killed.

Then they go ahead and make many excuses in their, um, “news” story, which was about the doubters:

Planners have put an enormous effort into minimising the environmental impact of the event in an effort to pre-empt sniping from critics about hypocrisy


and the pollution caused by the concerts.

Fans are being encouraged to share cars or use public transport to attend, all lightbulbs will be energy-efficient and the food will be sourced locally where possible.

All the signs from the New York show and the stage in Tokyo will be recycled or composted.


After the shows, the organisers, with the help of accountancy group PricewaterhouseCoopers and an army of consultants, will calculate the volume of carbon emissions created and will then “offset” the difference.

Carbon offsetting means investing in carbon-reducing initiatives such as planting trees or making donations to renewable energy projects.

imageMeanwhile, the state-run news media, CBC’s Newsworld, is currently promoting the concerts on their “news” program, as I write, much as they did the latest Michael Moore tripe. With a “news” segment about it. Apparently Madonna is going to be appearing!  Well then.

Not to worry:  the reporter Ann MacMillan explained that they will be gathering all the chewing gum found at the venues and recycling it into children’s playgrounds. 

Then the anchor, Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson once again displayed her lack of proper English education. 

“So obviously some innovation being applied here to to uh stick to the green theme but uh Anne as you can appreciate it it seems like yet another mega events in a way uh in a parade of a lot of events still for a worthy cause —I guess it begs the question—how effective can these mega shows be?”

No it doesn’t “beg the question”, Mizzz Wilson.  Your story begs the question.  It’s the wrong use of the term “begs the question”, once again (and no, it’s not “very interesting” either, Mizzzz Wilson.  It’s just a bad habit or worse—lack of proper education).  She simply doesn’t understand how to use the term properly.  As she often is, she was looking for the term raises the question”.  More on that later. 


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