Global Warming is not political! (Much.)

Freudian slip?  Or did just put this headline in their POLITICS section because the ENTERTAINMENT, HEALTH, and SCI-TECH sections were too busy? 


Incidentally: in the SCI-TECH section one “Live Earth”, “man-made global warming”-related story was taking up space—one which is intentionally structured right from the headline down to the very last word to lead the reader to believe that there are still insane laggard idiot deniers left who still don’t believe all the claptrap the liberal media has been peddling over and over and over like automaton jackbooted nags about man-made global warming—when in fact the scientific consensus against their junk science theories is actually growing in my far more humble opinion.  So all I can figure is that they’re employing the well-known “SCI-TECH” technique of “completely biased shoddy journalism and utter BS”, here. 



Personally, I think should have a RELIGION section.  Aside from all their anti-Christianity stories, they can dump stories like the one they crafted in their SCI-TECH section, and of course add all their multitudinous “We Heart Al Gore and David Suzuki and Stephane (the “Green Guru”) Dion Man-Made Global Warming Junk Science” stories. 

Or for convenience, they could just leave all their politics in the POLITICS section.

(Hat tip to eagle-eyed Don-t Want To)



State-run, for its part, doesn’t have a POLITICS section (I think that’s simply because it’s ALL left-wing politics in fact).  So they put their headline in their ARTS and FEELINGS section.  Note that they do have a DIVERSIONS section—and yet it’s in in their ARTS and FEELINGS section.  So that’s odd.


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