CBC masquerades a far-leftist anti-war advocate as “just another expert” on Afghanistan

On Wednesday July 4, I blogged about the CTV Newsnet folks portraying a leftist anti-war activist who is inspired by the far-left MoveOn.org site as just another a regular analyst free of bias and full of yummy objectiveness.  I wrote, in my blog entry called “CTV masquerades a far-leftist anti-war advocate as “just another expert” on Afghanistan war”:

I kept seeing this guy’s mug—Steven Staples—on my TV screen as I worked today, trying to not listen to his (and all the other) mind-numbing leftist anti-war-on-terror claptrap on liberalvision CTV today in its never-ending repeated cycles all day, so when I got a chance, I looked him up on the Internet.  This was after his interview had been repeated about 8000 times today.


It took exactly 6 seconds to find that he appears to me to be a classic far-leftist anti-Afghanistan war, anti-Bush hack —who calls himself an expert on international affairs;  and not coincidentally, that’s exactly how CTV described him.  No, not as “a far-leftist anti-Afghanistan war, anti-Bush hack who calls himself an expert on international affairs”, mind you.  No no.  Rather, they introduced him simply as “The Director of the Rideau Institute”.  That’s it.  Then he proceeded to recite words that sounded suspiciously like Jack Layton’s talking points.

In other words, it was a segment on a Canadian news show. 

And that’s what I call absolutely shoddy, biased journalism, and deceitful to boot.  Liberal-left agenda-driven journalism.  Intellectually dishonest.  Liberal media.  Totally typical in Canada today.  In fact that’s all you will get until you switch to Fox News Channel.

The “Rideau Institute” web site is not working, so there’s an affiliated site in which it is mentioned that Steven Staples got his inspiration from the far-leftist George Soros-funded MoveOn.org left-wing smear site.  And that tells you just about all you need to know. 

image It features little teaser pictures like the one at left.

…Ceasefire.ca is a project of the Rideau Institute on International Affairs, a public policy research and advocacy group based in Ottawa. Ceasefire.ca is the institute’s main public outreach and advocacy arm.

The Polaris Institute created Ceasefire.ca in 2003 to prevent Canada from joining the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence program, although the name itself dates back to the earlier campaign to stop the invasion of Iraq. Its founders are Steven Staples and Peter Coombes. Their goal, inspired by successful web-based organizations such as Moveon.org, is to provide a web-based tool for citizen action on government policies.

Since its inception, Ceasefire.ca has played crucial roles in many campaigns, including preventing Canada from joining George W. Bush’s “Star Wars” missile defence program. As well, it has pushed Canadian politicians of all stripes to oppose the war in Afghanistan, allow U.S. war resisters to stay in Canada, ban deadly cluster bombs, abolish nuclear weapons, prevent the weaponization of space, and take action on other important issues.

Many well-known supporters of Ceasefire.ca have endorsed its campaigns over the years, including David Suzuki, Maude Barlow, Matthew Good, Mel Hurtig, Helen Caldicott, Tom Hayden, Mel Watkins, and Murray Dobbin.

…Ceasefire.ca is a network of more than 15,000 Canadians who want Canada to be a world leader for peace, disarmament, and social justice.

Ceasefire.ca has a blog too of course.  The latest entry:  Help Stop Harper’s War Agenda—by Steven Staples.

On state-run CBC today:
Steven Staples: Just another commentator.
An “Expert”.


And he was introduced as follows:

“Steven Staples is director of the Rideau Institute on International Affairs—it’s an independent think tank”.

He suggested we negotiate with the terrorists.  Huh.  Just like the socialist so-called “leader” of the you’ve got to be kidding party.  Weird.

Complain to CBC here:


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