CBC so pathologically left it takes on comedic proportions

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Michelle Malkin’s HotAir video blog picks up where I dropped the ball—a CBC interview featuring my pal Avi Lewis, who, you’ll remember, sounds very much like a communist to me

Here’s their take—and their link to CBC video material (don’t bother with the legal papers, CBC lawyers):

Video: Cartoonishly anti-American Canadian interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

posted at 6:12 pm on July 13, 2007 by Allahpundit

Not quite parody but dangerously close. How can she be so disgustingly pro-American, he wonders, and yet so stridently anti-Islamic? Doesn’t she see that Islamists and “Christianists” are two sides of the same coin?

Things pick up towards the end but she never retreats. Just one of the many reasons she has my vote for the vice presidency next year. Click the image to watch.


(Hat tip to DonnaH)


Watch for this CBC video to be pulled. 

I just re-watched that interview on the state-run media’s state-run website, and I highly recommend watching it.  You will see how over and over, the extremely bright Hirsi Ali virtually wipes the floor with Avi Lewis, who for his part unwittingly exposes himself as among the worst, most inept, and in my opinion most anti-Christian and most left-wing anti-American biased interviewers on television.  He is self-admittedly beside himself with disgust and bewilderment over what she tells him in the interview—which is manifestly that America is good

This interview could be cast as one of the top ten reasons why state-owned and state-run media should obviously, as I keep saying, be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.


Originally entered 2007-07-18 08:18 AM


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