The Conservatives, why they’ze appointing dang conservatives! They’ze biased!

This is the funniest or most pathetic thing you’ll read all day, based on the fact that the guy is serious:

Tom Long to head search for CBC execs


OTTAWA (CP) – The Conservative government is facing charges of political meddling in the selection process for a new president and chief of news operations at the CBC.


[Socialist MP from the you’ve got to be kidding party] Charlie Angus took Long’s involvement as a sign that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is trying to fill the ranks of upper management with people who will be favourable to his Conservative government.

“It is absolutely outrageous to think that the resumes of potential senior CBC news directors are being personally vetted by the likes of Mr. Long,” said the NDP cultural affairs critic.

It’s unfair!  Unfair I tells ya!  The CBC, why it’s ours!  It’s fer the “progressives”!  It’s ours!  We invented it!  Fer decades, it’s been a Canadian tradition to fill the ranks of this and every state-run socialist “corporation” with abject leftists and socialist hacks!  A tradition!  And we in the left, why we’re all about the tradition!  We’ve appointed liberals and sundry leftist moonbats to most every position in the entire federal and provincial and civic bureaucracy in the nation, in all of academia, in the entire legal justice system, we’ve ensured federal handouts to corporations and citizens galore, created thousands of socialist agencies and bureaus and departments and programs and policies, and we’ve basically stuffed this nation from top to bottom with liberals and various such leftists, fer years!  And you think you can march in here and get all “political” and stuff?  By gum that’s biased!

Alas, there’s no paucity of hypocritical, deceitful, abject socialists in this country, who think it (Canada) is theirs to mess with for their political ends. 

In actual fact, as a matter of manifest fairness, and for the betterment of Canada, the Conservatives should (a) ban the CBC and all state-run or state-owned media in this nation and then enshrine that in the constitution, thus eliminating this current appointments problem altogether and allowing that socialist mentioned above to save himself from an aneurysm; and (b) ensure that every government position filled in this nation is a solidly CONSERVATIVE choice for the next ten to twenty years.  Then and only then will there will be some semblance of balance and sanity in our nation. 

As we can see here though, liberals are against that. 


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