State-run CBC takes a position on dishwashing. GREEN. Well, and RED.

The state has informed us today through the liberals’ CBC division, that when washing dishes in your automatic dishwasher (for you liberals, the state-run CBC means this information to be directed to your immigrant cleaning lady), do not—I repeat—for the love of God’s green earth, err, humanist green earth, err whatevado NOT rinse the plates before you put them in.  That wastes water ‘n stuff!  (Plus the fish love steak, and they’re people too!)

CBC Newsworld.  It’s news. 

We’re instructed on the technique and philosophy involved, thusly, by an Adria Vasil, described in their banner as “Environmental columnist, NOW magazine””…If your dishwasher can’t get a little dried ketchup off your plate: time for a new machine!”

Well crickies—now here they are suggesting we trash the old one fer a new-un Ernie!

“Environmental columnist, NOW magazine”

Oh yeah and Wikipedia describes NOW magazine like this:


NOW was first printed on September 10, 1981 by Michael Hollett and Alice Klein along with several other former members of the Socialist League (also known as the Forward Group) such as Wayne Roberts, the former editor of Forward. While vaguely left-wing, [citation needed] NOW was intended not as a socialist paper but as an alternative weekly mixing arts and entertainment news with political coverage. With rare exceptions, it endorses members of the New Democratic Party for federal, provincial and municipal office.

Huh.  Well that’s odd. CBC never told us that.  But communists, shmonunists. I still can’t believe they’re advocating using an automatic electric dishwasher materialist consumer product instead of hand washing in cold recycled toilet water.  What’s the 411 on this from their socialist Prophet David Suzuki (official genius and Stephane Dion’s brains), re this whole dishwashing caper?

I noticed the dishwasher in the story is an old Kenmore American-style unit. Surely there’s units from Cuba?

image  “Green choices”.  And red too! 
It’s the CBC.
Vote liberal.

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