Market rises every day, breaking records: media ignores it; It falls?: media all over it

I’ve said it so often—during the historic rise of the stock markets both here and in the U.S.—that by now it’s like a broken record. 

All the way up, the liberals’ media totally ignored it.  Pretended it wasn’t happening.  The stock markets went up by thousands of points since the Clinton era plunge despite the terrorist attacks and the global war on terror and socialist moonbats. 

Lately, and today, it’s down some, and the state-run socialist CBC is all over it (as if socialists have the authority to explain free markets to Canadians).  Suddenly they have a bunch of stories on the stock market, even adding a cute little stock plunge-o-meter in the upper right of their Newsworld screen during all their stories. 

See the CBC stock market plunge-o-meter making its triumphant debut.
(I wonder if there’s cheers going on at the state’s CBC “news” rooms!)

Here’s the screen they seemed to hate showing you
when the market was rising to historic highs…


Here’s the state-run socialist network’s free-market
business guru (no relation to Stephane (“the Green Guru”) Dion).


The next story was on Elvis Presley.

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