MRC: “two of these things are not like the other.” In another sense, it’s a culture war.

Several good reads at the great Media Research Center recently, as usual.  Among them:

CNN’s ‘God’s Warriors’ Equates Christian Activists with Taliban?
CNN’s Tuesday-Thursday mini-series, “God’s Warriors,” hosted by Christiane Amanpour, looks like it will play the old liberal game of moral equivalence. Amanpour reportedly compares Christian chastity advocates to the Taliban. Even the promos for the mini-series which have been running on CNN for the past few weeks demonstrate the probable “game plan” that Amanpour and CNN have in mind, grouping together pro-life Christian college students protesting in front of the Supreme Court, Jewish settlers on the West Bank, and Islamic radicals. To paraphrase an old children’s jingle, “two of these things are not like the other.”

Well that’s on a private cable network created by a liberal and one which is well-known to be liberal-appeasing (even if they pretend otherwise). 

Unfortunately it reminds me of the state-run CBC in Canada, and its similarly liberal-left “moral-equivalence-enhanced” work on morals, values, and Christianity in general here in Canada. 

Like most sane people who have an ounce or more of common sense and intelligence, I have a feeling when watching that state-run CBC media in Canada, that underlying so much of what they do and say—their programing in general—is their quest to help destroy our traditions and moral bases, including our nations’ foundational adherence to Christian values, and ultimately, help try to destroy Christianity in general because it so gets in their way.  It (Christianity, morals, traditions, and so on) makes them look or feel bad.  Lately, they have been running three things: 

One of those infamous CBC “Passionate Eye” series shows—a feature called Naked on the Inside, (gee, sorry, my timing is off but it was on yesterday—you missed it) which they advertised all day yesterday on CBC Newsworld, by showing an attractive woman, from the head down to just north of nipplodia, seductively taking her shirt off and standing there for the viewer.  Presumably, if you watch the show, you’ll get to see her naked shloombabas.  Even though it’s called “Naked on the Inside”.  I didn’t watch the great show last night, but wouldn’t put it past them to show her naked, as they’ve certainly presented far more depraved material before.  And of course it’s de rigueur to appeal to the sexual horn-doginess of what they obviously perceive to be their horny liberal audience, to use suggestive, sexualized pictures—whether it’s a true representation of their show or not—in order to attract and build their audience, in direct competition with citizens who own their own private networks.  This is what mindless people with no ideas do when they have no solid material to boast about.  Gratuitous T & A to grab audiences away from other citizen-owned networks. 

Screen-capture directly from ad on CBC “Newsworld”, August 20 2007

The other one yesterday advertised their (previously blogged about) 6-part sex ‘n orgasm series produced by their apparently sex-obsessed feminist CBC producer, about women having sex and their orgasms and so on. On the CBC.  State-run.  Providing news, entertainment, and documentary information Canadians apparently need. 

Screen-capture directly from ad on CBC “Newsworld” August 20, 2007

Also yesterday, in their “Newsworld” “On the Scene” segment, they kept going on about the full-moon-exposed enviro moonbats in Switzerland who took all their clothes off (as liberals are wont to do so very often—Scott Brison | Bare-Ass Bob Rae | Svend Robinson) in order to protest something or bring attention to themselves and the moral importance of being buck naked, in addition to having wild monkey sex.  The CBC’s entertainment reporter showed Canadians the full-frontal pictures of the naked environuts—on the national state-run “Newsworld” channel—in order to “inform” you, I guess.  Actual pictures are the only way when you have no actual mind per se

Screen-capture directly from ad on CBC “Newsworld” August 20, 2007

But don’t worry, these secular-progressives aren’t “warriors” advancing their religion of atheism or their church of liberalism.  They’re “progressives”, and this is good for you. It’s the CBC.  You pay for it.  Because they know what you need.  It’s the government!  They know better than you do.  And it’s this.

(And this isn’t a “so-called” war, either.)

As if on cue, as I completed this blog entry, an ad appeared for CBC’s “Fifth Estate” program for this Friday.  It’s a scary!, scary! warning about those damn Christians!.  They include clips of some damn Christians! carrying stacks of big buckets that they use for cash that, if I understand correctly, they rip off from suckered damn Christians! each Sunday.  That’s how stupid these people are, see?! 

image  image

The CBC program producers slickly chose to focus on a rather questionable, extreme, and notorious example of a damn Christian! televangelist who is very popular in some fringe quarters of Christianity.  This is a little like exemplifying Cindy Sheahan or Rosie O’Donnell as the very epitome of the “progressive” movement today.  (In this case, I wonder how they’ll fit the words “Islamist terrorists”, “fundamentalist Christians”, “conservative-right”, and “Christian-right” in!) 

While you’re at the Fifth Estate web page on the multi-gazillion-dollar CBC web site, don’t miss the link to a previous episode called “THE LIES THAT LED TO WAR”, the attached graphic of which features a picture of Bush and Cheney!

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