State-run CBC teases upcoming enviro special portending the end of the world


And it’s all in capital letters.  So, holy moly.  I, for one, am suitably and obediently freaked-out.  (If I wasn’t, I’d be freaked-out about being sued or arrested, or at least mocked by the tolerant “progressives”.)

That’s what they’re going with as a title at the CBC (not “Holy Moly”, but rather “THE TRUTH ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING/CAN WE SAVE PLANET EARTH?”).  The CBC?  They’re all about the “truth”.  They’re the truther channel!  (Fox News Channel, as we already know, is about lying: for Bush, neo-cons, and of course damn Christians!).  Note that in actual fact, the documentary was named “Can We Save Planet Earth?” by its BBC producers. The CBC added “THE TRUTH ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING” in front of it.  Because it’s about the truth as I said. 

We also know this is all truth because it’s being broadcast on the CBC Newsworld channel.  And also, nothing says “truth” (to a liberal) like the show that is presenting the documentary, “The Passionate Eye”.  If they’re “passionate”, it’s true!  For liberals, it’s all about the feelings.  And the CBC is state-run—and by golly the government knows better than us on every matter.  Climate and child-rearing and trans fats and everything!  It’s a socialist fact! 

“The Passionate Eye” previously broadcast a film called “Bush’s Climate of Fear”.  Never mind that.  This is REAL climate fear!  Sure it’s a little confusing when you’re talking “truth” all the time!  The CBC’s “Fifth Estate” truth program recently broadcast an episode they called “THE LIES THAT LED TO WAR”, the banner graphic of which features a picture of Bush and Cheney.  No sign of Saddam anywhere. 

Where’s Saddam?
(And note the old cowboy movie font used in the title?
‘Cause Bush—he’s a cowboy!)

The answer to their scary freak-out question (“CAN WE SAVE PLANET EARTH?”) is a very qualified “yes”, thank God (or you know, whateva).  But only if the damn “deniers”! stop denying the environut religion’s, well, religion.

The show is centered around the sage advice of the noted climate scientist Sir David Attenborough.  OK fine he’s not a climate scientist per se—he’s an animal and “naturalist” scientist and one heck of a fancy guy.  But whatever.  He thinks humans are to blame.  More specifically, a famous quote:  “I don’t think whole populations are villainous, but Americans are just extraordinarily unaware of all kinds of things.”  In other words: he’s perfect CBC material.

How come the CBC doesn’t do a special called “THE TRUTH ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING/WE’VE BEEN BS-ing YOU!”, and feature our Steve Milloy, who is also a known scientist and has studied this thing to death, and has come to largely that conclusion, Attenborough’s truth about those stupid ignorant Americans aside? 

Because they don’t want to.  That’s why.  (Plus, his column is carried both here at PTBC, a “neo-con” site, and at Fox News Channel’s web site, so, duh, it’s part of the whole Bush / lie industrial complex and right-wing lie infrastructure.

For those of you keeping score at home:  This is “man-made global warming” freak-out special number 5,833,961 from the state-run liberal-leftist truthers at the CBC.  Nothing upcoming from the state-run CBC that advances the interests and values of what they might call “deniers”, “homophobes”,  “Neanderthals”, “neo-cons”, “proponents of Bush’s so-called war on terror”, “anti-choicers”, nor “annoying common sense/sane people from the not ‘progressive’ set”. 


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