Mapping notes

Random, casual observations while staring at a large map of the world on my office wall and thinking about things with my feet up on my desk: 

State-run CBC’s “Newsworld” channel’s Sandra Abma (apparently either the new “On the Scene” segment gal or filling in for the vacationing “On the Scene” segment gal):  First, it’s a story on something being reported by the American-style, which she pronounces American-style:  TMZ rather than TMZed.  I’ll bet she also says Lay-Z-Boy rather than Lay-Zed-Boy. 

Next story from “On the Scene”: another non-story, this one about a made-for-TV movie being shot in Toronto called “Guns”.  Actor interviewed.  First words out of his mouth: “We’ve got to send out the message that…” [then of course insert liberal-speak here…].  Because of course we can’t get enough “messages” slipped into movies and TV shows from the liberals these days. 

So of course I look “Guns” up, trying to find the various Canadian state-funding symbols including the liberals’ ubiquitous liberals spending your cash indoctrinating you logo, and I find an article at (even though the movie is a CBC project.  It’s another cross-promotion!)  Included in the article: these gratuitously off-topic anti-rich-folks class-war editorial words from the apparently impoverished reporter about a star of the movie who is Canadian:  “For her 22nd birthday, her ‘House of Wax’ co-star Paris Hilton gave her and [sic] autographed copy of her autobiography and a bottle of her perfume as a gift. No wonder the rich stay rich. They’re cheap.” 


Next story;  it’s about “Beraaackk Obaaaama” which she pronounces using a sheep-like aaaa sound.  Like slap. Story:  He appeared on John Stewart’s anti-conservative liberal hour of love.  That’s all. The banner across the bottom of the CBC screen informed us:  “Obama on Daily Show”.  It’s “On the scene”!  (Of course, sadly for the state-run network, the Daily Show starring John Stewart is “On the CTV network’s Scene”… so that’s fun, in a cross-promotional liberalvision kind of way.

(No mention, by the way, of the fact several Republican candidates have also bravely appeared on that show, but yes I know, they’re Republicans!;  nor that Barack Hussein Obama thought the leader of our country was President Stephen Harper, and how, by their own scoring system, that makes him a “total moron”.  So story coverage is still rather selective even with this new “On the Scene” gal. 

Rather unrelated but still on the state-run media “scene”:  “news” anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson observes in a later segment that Quebec papers and commentators are saying that the recent deaths of soldiers who happen to be from Quebec is “The Price of War”. 

Price of war?

No, I think to myself —it’s the price of peace.  The cost of freedom.  Idiots. 

Nancy Wilson later interviews a “political scientist” regarding Afghanistan and she calls it “George Bush’s war on terror”.

She ends the piece with this—perhaps a Freudian slip, perhaps not:

“OK well… we’ll continue to see how public opinion is shaped…”

Yeah, she’s right.


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