CBC “Business News” reporter touts Al Gore’s upcoming enviro book?

Yup. It’s “business”!  … The environmentalist freak-out industry, left-wing agenda, and religion, um, “business”, that is!

Therefore, despite my initial surprise at seeing this Gore book “business news”, I guess if you think the way the left-wing agenda-drivers at the state-run CBC do, it’s a good use of Canada’s taxpayer-funded state-run socialist CBC Newsworld “business” segment.  Naturally, however, to those of us in the sane, sensible set, it is of course but another example of a left-wing agenda-driven media proving once again that it is deserving of absolutely no credibility whatsoever. 

Here’s the state’s “business new reporter” reporting on Al Gore’s new book

Al Gore is big business—no doubt about it.  And when he writes another tome about his hugely profitable environment freak-out division, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the socialist CBC reports on it in their “business report” segment. 

I do wonder when I’ll see the report from “business” reporter Jeannie Lee about Ann Coulter’s upcoming book, since she’s sold millions more books than Al Gore with five New York Times best-sellers behind her and a sixth on the way, and they’re all actually business-friendly!  I’ll go ahead and hold my breath waiting for that to happen. 

And I was going to add this quip as a J-Line but it goes better with this li’l blog entry:


BUSTED AGAIN: As reported at Drudge Report today (Friday), Sean Hannity is set to show a fun video this Sunday (on Hannity’s America on Fox News Channel) of Stephane Dion’s right brain, Al Gore, as he recently sneakily departs from a private luxury Gulfstream jet and plunks himself into a huge black limo, to get himself to the next in his for-profit tour to promote leaving the car at home and riding your bike instead. (For those of you scoring at home, Dion’s left brain is The Prophet David Suzuki, who toured Canada last year on a huge diesel motor coach with four others).

The Prophet’s Magic Carpet

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