Who was behind 9/11? “Alleged terrorists”, says CBC “news” anchor


image The state-run CBC Newsworld anchor David Gray just informed us that today, Americans are commemorating the day that “alleged terrorists” hit the United States.

Which means we’re either not sure that the terrorists are actually terrorists, or whether it was in fact actually terrorists who did this.  The science is not settled, you see.  The debate continues, dontchaknow. Bush could be behind this sucker.


Having reviewed my recording instead of just relying on what I remember hearing in my dumbfounded stupor, David Gray actually said:  “The terrorists allegedly behind those crimes…”

Got that?  The terrorists “ALLEGEDLY” behind those “crimes”.

Meanwhile, on the state-run multi-gazillion-dollar web site, CBC viewers in typical CBC-luvin’ style, write as though they actually believe that as liberal America-hating Canadians, they somehow belong to a superior race to that of the United States.

Here are some comments posted to the CBC web site to the question the CBC.ca folks posed to its readers (because as a state-run web site they must compete for attention with citizen-run PTBC and other citizens’ web sites, on our dime):  “Are we doing enough in Canada to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11attacks? Should we have a national memorial? (the vast majority said “no”):

“We have dramatized 9/11 far more than what it is worth. If we did this for every tragic event, we would never move on and remain frozen in time … We have moved into media overkill of an event that to this day remains highly suspicious for all the events that transpired that day.  People died that day however how they died remains a mystery, especially when no aircraft even touched the Pentagon building.  The New York events remain tainted and clouded in a cover up. Yes, I feel sorry for the loss of innocent lives. What a waste for someone’s political agenda.”

Posted September 11, 2007 12:55 PM

Another one writes:

“This event, however trajic [SIC] or fabricated, did not happen in Canada. I am tired of hearing about it on a daily basis, in the news and from parliament. It is time to move on with our lives.”

Posted September 11, 2007 01:00 PM

Another one says:

“Even though it might have involved Canadian victims, September 11 is primarily an American tragedy. As fellow neighbours and humans, it is perfectly sensible for us to keep the memories of the tragedy and of the victims in our mind for the time to come. But it is still an American tragedy, not a Canadian one – and there is no need to spend Canadian taxpayers’ money on something that is not pertinent to Canadians.”

Posted September 11, 2007 12:35 PM

Here’s a goodie:

”…I feel we have reflected upon the tragedy of September 11th enough. What we need to start reflecting upon now is why would a group of people feel the need to carry out such an awful event? what is it that North Americans have done to create so much anger towards them?…”

Posted September 11, 2007 12:24 PM

David Gray would like this one too:

“What would be the purpose of a monument in Canada? I am saddened by the loss of life as anyone else is, but I don’t think we need to memorialize an event that is still controversial in terms of why it happened in the first place…”

Posted September 11, 2007 11:44 AM

Here’s a gem:

“NO!  We should NOT have any type of memorial day or service. This is absolutely silly – we are NOT americans [SIC], and this has nothing to do with us.  Let’s not place ourselves in the same basket of eggs with a nation that thinks it is the “Leader of the Free World” – they are not free, and the americans [SIC] are not the leaders.  Had they done a better job of running their own country and it’s [SIC] policies, they wouldn’t be in this position. We do not need to join them.”

Posted September 11, 2007 11:31 AM

This one clearly only watches CBC:

”…If any memorials to anyone who has died because of 9/11 should be errected [SIC], it should be for the soldiers whom are dying in Afganistan [SIC], fighting a fight the US started, and then left for us to finish.”

Posted September 11, 2007 11:30 AM

This very good one by a man named Frank in Halifax reflects a rare minority of intelligent views that I read:

“I honestly don’t know who hates the States more, Jihadists or the Canadians who responded with pure vitriol. Did you not read the blurb at the top? The discussion is based around the Canadians lost in 9/11 and other terrorist attacks (i.e. Air India bombing).

The knee-jerk spewing of hate and disgust expressed for the country that has done more for Canada than any other is frankly pathetic.

Andrew hit the nail on the head. Commemorate our own loss and generosity to our neighbor in the face of tragedy.

Maybe Peter would have turned the planes away in order to better distance ourselves from the evil Americans.”

Posted September 11, 2007 10:48 AM

Here’s a juicy one blaming the U.S. as per CBC-luvin’ usual:

“This was NOT an attack on Canada. It has nothing to do with Canada and we as a soverign [SIC] nation should stand at arms length from any ceremony or memorial erected to recognize the events of that day.  Although approx 3000 civilians were killed it pales in comparison to the injuries/atrocities inflicted on others by the U.S.  This may sound callious [SIC] but I have always believed in the saying that “we reap what we sow”. The Americans caused this terrible event- they own it- they must learn by it .”

Posted September 11, 2007 10:23 AM

Sam says terrorists didn’t cause this, America caused it!

”…the sad truth is that the consecutive U.S governments with their foreign policies brought this to themselves.  Their interference and humiliation of many Muslim/Arab countries and mainly it’s [SIC] support to Israel through weapons and bombs has been making that part of the world very angry with the U.S.”

Posted September 11, 2007 10:18 AM

And before you go, read one more of the extremely rare intelligent ones—this one from Victor in Toronto:

“To Mark from Halifax,

Your lack of sympathy for the victims of 9/11 is abhorrent Mark, and it’s time you got your head out of the sand.

Islamic Jihadists declared war on All of us – anyone, anywhere who does not obey and submit to their frightening vision of the world.

Their publically stated goals are to fight all Western nations until (1) we renounce our faiths and convert to Islam – All “non-believers” that refuse will be killed and (2) Democratic governments everywhere will be replaced by strict Islamic Sharia rule. Any takers? That’s our reality Mark.

The typical naïve Canadian view that if we just appease their “needs” and compromise, they will love us and leave us alone is a dangerous fantasy.

We are all targets and unless we stay united and confront the terror that imperils us all, the world will face a new and sinister dark age. It’s tough, it’s hard, and it will be a long struggle, but we must prevail.”

Posted September 11, 2007 10:13 AM

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