CBC news anchor introduces a guest analyst as “A life-long Republican”

The state-run CBC interviews left-wing and far-left liberals and and Democrats and outright socialists all day long, without ever once referring to them as “liberals” or “left-wing advocates” or “Democrats”.  Totally sanitized.  No ideological labels.  They’re not liberals—they’re just normal! 

But when they refer to, say, the Fraser Institute, it commonly comes with a sort of a liberal-leftist warning to viewers:  they’re the image“right-wing” or the “conservative” Fraser Institute (and by the way, “right-wing” by virtue of nothing more than the fact that they stand for free market values that built this very country that the Left say they love so much, instead of the CBC’s “neutral, normal values” like overt socialism). 

Just now, news anchor David Gray blew an otherwise stellar day** by warning Canadian viewers—similar to when they report on a Fraser Institute study—what you’re about to hear should be taken with a ha-YUGE grain of salt.  They introduced the guest like this, and I quote: 


“Christopher Brown is a life-long Republican and the Director of the American Security Council Foundation.”

WARNING:  He’s a damn Republican!

** I said “otherwise stellar day” above because Mr. Gray just about blew my mind by introducing the brilliant David Harris of the shockingly non-leftist Canadian Coalition for Democracies without any label, as a previous guest interview on another topic. 


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