J-Lines September 19 2007


• State-run CBC Newsworld with a vital breaking news story: spends 6 minutes 12 seconds on major story about…. school kids’ “backpack burdens”. … Oh thank God. It’s like they’re reading my mind! Finished with a chart designed by CBC staff entitled “BACKPACK WEIGHT SCHEME”,  featuring an approximately 13-month-old child carrying a humongous back pack to, I don’t know, her playhouse or something.:



• Liberal Democrat Jesse Jackson says: presidential hopeful and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama is “acting like he’s white”. … Inasmuch as Barack Hussein Obama is in fact half white and half black, that shouldn’t surprise anyone, or more importantly, be seen as a negative. I’ve been saying it for years: liberals are racists. Do you believe me now? Luckily, virtually no media will mention this, especially because, after all, Jackson later said he did not recall making the “acting like he’s white” comment. Well then.

Stronach went to U.S. for cancer treatment: reportLiberal MP Belinda Stronach,  who is battling breast cancer, travelled to California last June for an operation that was recommended as part of her treatment, says a report. Don’t worry,  it wasn’t due to speed of access—it was due to the fact that they could do it better. So “American-style” medicine still sucks™liberal-left.

• The CBC “news” anchor Suhana Meharchand, just now, regarding terrorist suspect Omar Khadr and Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion’s running to his defence and strangely demanding rendition, which they otherwise are against: “The American military says he killed a U.S.  soldier and THEY call him a ‘terrorist’”. … because of course most liberals wouldn’t—and certainly the CBC wouldn’t—take the great risk of calling anyone working for the Taliban terrorist regime in Afghanistan who kills an American soldier in his attempt to kill scores of Americans by throwing a grenade at them, a “terrorist”.

• After years of firing rockets from the Gaza Strip on Israel, Israel has declared the Gaza Strip enemy territory. Arab terrorist group Hamas’ response:  “Well that’s a declaration of war!” … I can’t make it any funnier than that.

The state-run CBC’s ironic “business” report (ironic because they totally depend not on “business” but on state socialism)  and its “Your Business” (ooh the belly—she aches with the laughter)  segment reporter Jeannie Lee informed Canadians just now that the U.S. Federal Reserve lowered interest rates this week to (and I quote)”…rescue the U.S. economy from a recession…”. The U.S. economy, which has been on an unbelievable, booming tear for years, would be surprised to learn that it was in “a recession”. Then again, the banner across the CBC screen at the time was, well, you look:



OOPS! You know how petulant and sensitive Liberals are about calling people a “dog”, even jokingly… headline in the liberals’ Globe and Mail: “Calls for Liberal shakeup dog Dion” … Woof. I thought he was the “Green Guru”.

The liberals’ U.N. in mind-numbingly speedy action: 30 years after the communist Khmer Rouge “killing fields” massacre by Pol Pot and his communist brothers started killing nearly 2 million people, the U.N.  is backing a “war crimes tribunal”, charging a man now 82-years-old.  They had to gather evidence and get a consensus, see, which is hard for liberals when it’s a communist at stake. In February 2087, they’re gonna take a damn hard look at Iran, and at Arab efforts to destroy Israel. Meantime, it’s “all Bush, all the time”.

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