The state-funded CBC: The only solution for every problem? More gov’t money.

All day, so far, the state-run and state-funded CBC Newsworld channel, which totally relies on taxpayer/government funding like all socialist outfits do (and most Canadians and private companies now do thanks to liberals and their Fabian socialist policies over the past few decades—a successful effort to make Canada and all Canadians totally reliant upon the state for their very survival), has been lamenting (or what they call “reporting”) on the Conservative government’s budget freezes or cuts to various Environment Canada departments. 

Now mind you, it’s only the CBC who’s on this story, leading me to believe they’re on an agenda drive.  Watch for another 16-part “Passionate Eye” series on this environment caper. (Readers read carefully—the National Post has picked up the story too, via Reuters, but includes the starting line:  “OTTAWA—Canada has slashed spending … CBC reported Wednesday….”—so don’t worry, there’s no left-wing media cabal ganging up to drive an agenda—it’s just the left-wing media watching and reading the left-wing media).

And all day long, they’ve “reported” this story by trotting out every single left-wing environmentalist industry “guru” in the nation that happens to be sitting by their phone waiting for the state-run left-wing CBC to phone them, to ask them to be a guest “analyst” (or what I call “prop”), in order to (it seems to me) inform Canadians how completely insane this all is.  Cutting funding?!  What the he_ _?  Clearly the Conservatives are insane! Species are dying!  There’s pollution and stuff!  Kyoto!  People love the environment!  Polar bears are drowning!  The “Man-Made Global Warming”!  Bush Lied! (Oh sorry that last one was from every other story.) 

Shockingly, all their props thought this was all just terrible.  Terrible! 

At one point when talking-up the story, “news” anchor David Gray sounded absolutely incredulous that taxpayer cash would be cut from a government department—any department—but especially this one.  You can’t improve anything by cutting government cash—only by increasing government cash! 

He introduced the story as such:

“Well. The environment may be the number one issue for Canadians, but in Ottawa, the environment department is experiencing a

budget crunch!!!  CBC News has learned that Environment Canada is freezing spending!!!  Even cutting programs as a result!!


Never once today has anyone on the state-funded CBC ever mentioned—or asked a puffball leading question to one of their

left-wing props

“analysts”, the hilarious possibility that maybe, just maybe, the Conservative government has determined that Environment Canada is and has for years been a hideously badly-run department, wasting all manner of taxpayer cash, and is staffed by little more than Liberal Party-appointed liberals and sundry leftist hacks, who are doing little more than driving a political agenda and making a concerted effort to grow government and funding and taxation, instead of actually getting things done. The fact that the Auditor-General has determined exactly that in several of her reports regarding several government departments during and immediately after the Liberal Government years—is but a trifling annoyance, apparently. 

No, it’s all about the government money, and the apparent “scientific fact” that—you guessed it—more cash is needed. Not less—for that would spell “efficiency” and what not.  And that ain’t liberal.

During their many stories, most of the CBC screen was filled with cautionary scare-scenes with what were clearly nothing but editorial banners stating scientific “news” “facts” like “CUTS THREATEN WILDLIFE”


But others also included scenes of cute of awesome wildlife like cute baby ducks and of course the ubiquitous polar bear, which we now know, because we’ve been warned, is “THREATENED” due to the “CUTS”.

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