Those Americans sure are dumb, eh?

From earlier today at about 12:20 PM:  State-run CBC anchor David Gray was seemingly bemused by America’s minute-by-minute coverage of (as we’re constantly told by the liberal media) the ridiculous, obsessive coverage of the current O.J. Simpson, circus. But here’s what I’m thinking as I watch:  the state media’s coverage contains that stinky air of snooty CBC superiority: over other TV coverage and moreover, superiority over the Americans who are just so darn silly for even being interested in this junk.

David Gray The CBC and Gray convey this intellectual superiority in a surprising way: by going back (for the eight millionth time today) to their coverage of the O.J. Simpson story. 

This time, the state media has a man on the scene for their CBC coverage, at the Las Vegas courthouse —a man who is actually a reporter from NBC News, which is very liberal so I guess it will work (God knows they won’t use Fox News Channel coverage just in case something leaks out—like a big old shout-out to their man George Bush!).  My guess is that the state-run CBC pays NBC News for this coverage in some manner or form.  Not that taxpayer money is any object; or that this is of any interest to us Canadian betters, it being so dumb and American and all. 

This all follows their live CBC Newsworld coverage of the O.J. Simpson bail hearing this morning direct from the Las Vegas courtroom—the kind of media coverage which can’t even be done in better Canada— the rebroadcast of which Gray introduces again just now as a way to help set up their current, live, multi-minute-long story. 

But remember this is all so stupid. 

While the NBC reporter talks about the story, Gray carefully watches what both he and we all see on our CBC TV screens, which is helicopter coverage of the imminent O.J. departure from the courthouse.  He breaks into the NBC reporter’s coverage and exclaims, “It shows the level of interest in the United States right now—the fact that this appears to be a helicopter shot following O.J. Simpson’s [breaking into a laughing spurt at this point as he speaks] car driving away, perhaps reminiscent of the, the old white Bronco picture…”.  Then he allows the NBC reporter to continue his coverage.

It’s apparent to me that he’s either laughing at the silly Americans or at best their coverage of the silly event, even while state-run CBC TV screens across the nation are (thanks to the CBC) filled with… the identical Canadian coverage, despite only Americans being interested.  So perhaps this is a story designed to laugh at Americans.  I’m no longer sure.  For review: the story with which Gray is currently and excitedly involved, for national coverage in Canada (despite the notion that this “shows the level of interest in the United States”, there being no such interest in of such tawdry matters in Canada the better) is the very story he seems to sniff at from his high perch at the CBC. 

But of course all of this appears to go right over Gray’s head, as the story—his story—goes on, and on.

I guess the CBC thinks only a state-employed Canadian media guy—a therefore comparatively mature truther like the CBC’s David Gray—can inform us Canadians properly.  Perhaps they just feel as though everything needs to go through their we know better and we know what’s good for you filter.

And then, minutes later, their latest update on this ever-so stupid story ended.  To be repeated later, over and over.

Therefore let me remind you that clearly, state-owned and state-run media should obviously be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 

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