Just Now: CBC breaks into coverage of Defense Minister news conference—for Liberal leader


State-run CBC Newsworld was covering Minister of Defence Peter McKay speaking from Washington after some very important, just-concluded talks with the U.S. Secretary of Defence, regarding Afghanistan and other top-level world issues, but amazingly broke into that coverage—mid-Peter McKay-sentence—to bring you the apparently far more important live coverage of their Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion who found himself speaking to the press about exactly nothing but himself and how he needs to win the next election. 100% all Liberal Party politics.  They never went back to McKay.  And apparently they have no video tape recorders at the CBC so they need a far bigger budget.

I’m still trying to determine what the heck Dion said.  He did say “udder countries” a lot. He also said “I have to fight a cartoon of myself…”

The coverage of McKay lasted about 4 minutes, 22 seconds.  The Dion segment lasted about 6 minutes, 30 seconds.


Here’s some screen-captures of the live action:

They were on the Minister of Defence for several seconds….
(actual, unretouched captures of his chin in live action)
image  image

…when suddenly the Liberal Party Frenchman Dion finished his speech and they broke right into McKay’s words with the breaking news— and reporters who happened to be there were all over him and hanging on every word.  The state-run media covered his impromptu news conference for several minutes, live, of course, because they lack video tape in this country.
image image

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