CBC Newsworld anchor giggles; makes testicles amusing

The CBC Newsworld anchor named Suhana Meharchand teased a story earlier this morning about stem cell research, which she warned us was really a serious story, with these words ”…so if you have testicles, you don’t want to miss this story…”

Here’s the serious news anchor grinning after making a testicle joke. 
“TESTICLE TALK”—reads her tease at her left.
(At least it wasn’t sexist or anything!)

It was a story about scientists who are in search of a way to avoid using human embryonic stem cells by searching, instead, for adult stem cells, which they’ve found in testicles.  So this hilarious guffaw moment was understandable—since she couldn’t possibly take adult stem cell research seriously. Adult stem cells—that ain’t liberal!

Next time she does a story about barbecuing wieners, I imagine she’ll go “nuts”.  Oh stop stop—my sides are splitting. Joel said “wieners”!  Hee hee! 

The last time I heard the CBC talk about testicles, they were displaying a video speaking to the notion of the “Canadian value” of boys getting their testicles waxed in ball-waxing parlors; and showing that process in detail for our “Canadian value” needs, in the video. 


I blogged about it and others like it here, with video:
CBC’s “Ball Waxer” video

Naturally, this is their way of advancing some of those new “Canadian values” that liberals keep creating, naming, and then talking about endlessly as if they always existed.  And it has the added benefit of making the state-run CBC more “credible,” and “relevant” and “vital” and “important” and “something that should be taken seriously” and moreover, worth in excess of ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR of taxpayer cash to run.

Obviously, any state-owned or state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.  But nobody has the balls to do that in this country.  And that ain’t funny.


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