State-run CBC Newsworld anchor pronounces word wrong; don’t worry, she’s not a moron

Only President George Bush can pronounce a word wrong (nucular instead of nuclear) and then be declared “a moron” by the liberal media who know it all and Liberals like Jean Chretien’s elite staff who know it all. 

Never mind that in this space, I’ve pointed out approximately eight zillion word mis-pronunciations, totally incorrect grammar, and displays of a complete lack of understanding of key terms and phrases which the CBC and other media and other liberals use all day long every day.  They’re not morons.  Again: they’re not morons.  They’re above such monikers.  Beyond reproach.  Perfect in ev-er-y way! 

So it surprised me that the top-tier of state-run media, anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson, said the word junta with a hard J—like in the word jerk.  I’ve never heard that before—except from people who are simply a little bit dumb or from children who are still learning.  I think I’ve only ever heard it pronounced “hunta”, like they pronounce it in all the dictionaries. 

This is not petty.  Make no mistake.  Simply look back on how they continually point out mistakes by conservatives. See? It’s not petty.

imageI made a audio-video analysis of the error much as the liberal media does for 86 days after each conservative misspoken word, only this is more scientific.  I think the U.N. would agree she said junta with a hard J rather than an H. 


CBC Newsworld anchor Suhana Meharchand pronounced it that way (the correct way) at 10:00 AM PDT today. 

As did President Bush in his speech to the United Nations today.  Which is funny.  Especially since he also spoke about the need to address rampant illiteracy, in his U.N. speech.



Just now, Prime Minister Harper in a speech in the U.S., accidentally said that his government has been in power for 19 years, later correcting it to 19 months.  Countdown to the liberal media in Canada mocking him and pouncing on it, saying things like “Ha ha Lloyd, I guess it seems like 19 years for him and others, but it’s actually 19 MONTHS!!  Ho boy that was a doozy!…..”



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