CBC “news” anchor goads former PM Paul Martin into bashing PM Stephen Harper, live on CBC, from…


Apparently unaware of the existence of decorum, diplomacy, tradition, or more likely in a rather sad display of her willingness to dispense with all those nuisances in this potentially agenda-rich instance, the state-run CBC Newsworld “news” anchor Suhana Meharchand begins an oh-so-all-important news segment today by asking the failed Liberal former Prime Minister to go ahead and… critique the current Conservative Prime Minister and government regarding Harper’s stance on climate change.  The former Liberal PM Paul Martin was getting face-time as a representative of the yummy “Clinton Global Initiative”. 

Paul Martin answers:

“Ya know, [clears throat] I have really made it a point of not being critical of the Canadian government outside of Canada




“…um, but I think anyone who underestimates the seriousness of climate change … its imminence, its total cost …. just simply doesn’t understand what is really going on …” [and went on]

The next in Suhana Meharchand’s series of leading questions speaks to her effort, it seems to me, to demean Canada as much as possible, as she relates to her former leader how she somehow managed to stumble upon a “couple” of (unnamed) perfect model Canadians at the U.N. conference on the environment (in New York, New York, USA, it should have been, but wasn’t, noted): 

“I spoke with a couple of youth um delegates—one in particular a young environmentalist [in New York at the U.N.] who said she felt ASHAMED when she was meeting with other youth delegates at the U.N.—I mean h-h-h-how can a Canadian represent her feelings that way that she is ASHAMED about what this country is doing on the environmental front—it

must make you WANT to speak out!


After that leading question, he shocked us all by starting his answer this way:

“Well yes I did!….” [And he lectured us on and on… global warmingthe Clinton initiativerainforestlungs of the worldClinton…]

After a few more hilariously unobjective, leading softball questions designed, it was obvious to me, exclusively to encourage Martin to lecture us further on their apparently shared liberal-left angle on the “man-made global warming” and to provide him with a free platform on national taxpayer-funded television, she then pulled out all the stops in what was already nothing but her transparent effort to goad Martin into providing a good old Harper-bashing, by injecting this admonition to the former Prime Minister— instructing the former Prime Minister, it seemed, that he must bash the current government, as some sort of a matter of “responsibility”: 

“I have a final question for you and it comes back to Canada and I know you said you’re not gonna talk about Canada when you’re outside of the country, um,

but really you have a responsibility to do so because you know this country so well—so what what are you going to be looking for from this government in the future when it comes to affecting change in our environment?”

Hilariously, his answer began: 

“Well I would expect Canada to lead—not to be a follower—the

fact is that……”

To lead, I guess, by doing exactly as the CBC news anchor instructed you and me and all of us to do, and for our country to lead by following, in lock-step, what every other country is blindly doing… because as we all remember, Canada “leads the world!”  Especially under those liberals! 

They ended by thanking each other for their time. 

Job well done, liberals.

Oh yeah…. vote liberal. 

In a related story—this one at CTV.ca, this headline today: “Canada should lead by example, not lectures: PM”

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