What not to take seriously – items 1, 2, and 3

All PTBC readers know that we shouldn’t take the you’ve got to be kidding party seriously. Moreover, I believe we should keep our children away from them

But any news channel that takes them so dead seriously as the CTV and the state-run CBC does, should also not be taken seriously. And you should also keep your children away from them, by the way.

Currently, both the state-run media and the CTV are covering, live, the pretend news conference you’ve got to be kidding party leader Jack (“ass”) Layton is holding, under the hideously transparent fake-out guise of his announcement of a new NDP “shadow cabinet”. The list of “shadow cabinet” members would take approximately 9 seconds to list, and shouldn’t be covered live on national news television. 

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But of course the actual motive is to get free TV face time on the pliable and sympathetic liberal media, so as to lecture Canadians about the virtues of the socialist party and the horrors of the Conservatives and Liberals (for example, what does his call for our surrender in Afghanistan, which he just repeated now, have to do with listing a shadow cabinet?).  The news media knows this perfectly well, and that’s what worries me—because they’re therefore totally complicit in this farce. 

This is hideous. Agenda-driven media can never be trusted.

It goes on and on and on, live, as Layton and his minions lecture us about their various policy platforms and how they’re the ones to vote for. Finally at about the ten minute mark, the CTV had to break away for a commercial.  Thank God for free enterprise, which ironically and unwittingly shut that socialist farce up for us.


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