State-run CBC takes full 4-page ad in National Post

What kind of government competes against its own citizens for profits in business?  And what kind of government competes—pleads—with its own citizens to not watch its private citizen-run networks and stations and web sites (like PTBC), and turn instead to the socialist, state-run media?  And not just for that ever-important national fun and frivolity and what they think is officially funny “comedy” shows and other such “entertainment” for the good of the nation, but also for their biased “news” and their political editorializing and political opinions, and their horrible documentaries—many or even most of which are tilted to the very far socialist left?  …All of which is already being done in the private sector, far better than the state-run CBC ever has or will do?

I can’t imagine how much it cost us as taxpayers for the state-run media, the CBC, to place a full four-page ad in one of the biggest and costliest newspapers in all the land, the National Post, today.  This spreads from page A10-13. 



I also can’t imagine what kind of company would accept a competitor’s ad—and ad which claims that it, and not the host—the private-sector competitor—is “number 1” in all manner of things. The National Post is owned by , which owns and/or operates: Global TV network,  E! channel, TVTropolis, CoolTV, DejaView, Fox Sports World Canada, LONESTAR, Men TV, MysteryTV, X-TREME Sports, and many newspapers, in addition to an online site for news and information. 

I’m pretty sure such an ad would help our web sites and our sales of our new PTBC Support our Troops and the Mission gear, and in so doing, provide a far, far greater service to our nation. 


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