State-run CBC editorialist advances anti-American—and anti Bush—dogma

One of the editorial columnists, left-winger Heather Mallick (why in tarnation—in our nation—do we have a state-run media employing left-wing state opinionators?  Who knows!) says in her latest editorial column published at the state-run, state-owned people’s web site, the left-wing 

“If you think that the United States is an empire in decline, thanks in great part to Bush — an American who has done more to damage his own country than any American citizen in history — and if you admire the values of Canadians…”

This is part of her self-described “Churchillian” effort to stop what she warns is an “imperialist American” -run ploy.  Or as she says it: “the subterranean effort that has been quietly going on for years” to make Canada “the 51st state.”

She informs us that corporate Canada and “Prime Minister Stephen Harper love this so much”. I dare say I think our Prime Minister would be surprised to hear that he “loves this so much”, and surprised that the CBC columnists like Mallick now have a direct line to the inside of his brain.  That federal funding has finally paid off! 

Apparently for Mallick and the left, the best, most intelligent way to build up Canada and Canadian patriotism is still to bash America and that evil George W. Bush.  How original for the liberal-left.  And what a great way to spend our tax dollars!  And good on the CBC for living up to its mandate which apparently includes bashing America and its president.

Anyway, I hope you like it, because you paid for it through your tax dollars. I guess they think we need to read this.  After all, they know what’s good for us.  They’re the CBC!  Owned by our government! 

Reminder:  PTBC—this web site—which the web site competes against with its far-left columnists thanks to your tax dollars, doesn’t get any tax dollars.  So don’t hesitate to support us with your after-tax dollars if you have any left.  Thanks.

Another reminder:  State-owned or state-run media should clearly be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution.  And the state shouldn’t employ political editorial columnists either. 

FINALLY: Please read our Barbara Kay column today at PTBC (which won’t get nearly the attention because we don’t get in excess of one BILLION taxpayer dollars per year to promote this stuff)  in which she mentions the leftist Heather Mallick as well. Her column is called “From Chatelaine, a condescending rant by yesterday’s feminist”.  And it’s a good antidote.

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