State-run CBC conducts poll; finds Afghans support conservatives’ stance on Afgahnistan mission

Here’s a quick primer on how the liberal media works:  You can be sure if this poll went how I suspect the co-sponsors of this poll, the liberals’ state-run CBC and the liberals’ Globe and Mail (and others) had hoped, they’d be all over this story today.  They’d be analyzing the results left, right, and center, up, down, sideways, with fancy charts, bold headlines, and providing bonus “expert opinion” from all manner of liberal-left and Marxist anti-war university professors as they almost always do with every story, and of course asking for input from the you’ve got to be kidding party’s Layton, and of course Liberal Frenchman Dion and Nation of Quebec leader Duceppe.  And in fact the results would come out on Monday or Tuesday for maximum media attention all week long, and would be brought up time and again forever more. 

As it turned out, the poll went our way—not theirs.  Therefore the story is released on Friday, it’s placed halfway down the page if it’s mentioned at all, and it will fade quickly. 

Fully 70 percent of Afghanistan citizens believe the foreign troops should remain there fighting Taliban/terrorist for at least 2 years or longer—well past the ridiculous arbitrary liberal-style self-imposed deadline of stupidity, February 2009.  Fully 43 percent—a plurality of respondents—think as sensible people here all think, that they should remain for “however long it takes”


The real story is the poll results, but by extension, it has important, serious ramifications for the political scene in Canada today.  And yet that angle is totally overlooked in all the media reports—perhaps because the results go against the liberal media’s world view and biased reporting as well.  The liberal-left and their media is proved wrong, on so many levels, if the poll is to be trusted, yet nothing about that is mentioned in the media. This is what passes as “journalism” in Canada today, and proves yet again why you can’t trust a media with an agenda.

Jack Layton and his you’ve got to be kidding party members and voters are totally off base—out of touch—with regard to how Afghanistan’s citizens think about our military mission in Afghanistan.  So is Liberal Frenchman Stephane Dion and all his Liberal Party supporters. And the liberal media and its editorialists generally.

In yet another survey of Afghan citizens, the results prove that they support the mission, even though Canadian liberals don’t.

Sure enough, even before finishing my blog entry, the state-run CBC Newsworld trots out, just now, a representative from the leftist Human Rights Watch to lecture us on how the poll is all wrong. If it went their way, would they trot out Ann Coulter?  I kinda doubt it.


Globe and Mail today: Story is small, and placed below the fold.  Globe and Mail was one of the main sponsors of the poll, along with the state-run CBC.

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