CBC reports on disgrasceful anti-American movie: “Refreshingly un-rah-rah USA!”


Anti-American tripe being shown the world over at a time of war.  So of course the CBC is on it.  Enthusing over it.


Here’s our state-employee Jelena Adzic of the state-owned and run media denouncing America, as I clearly see it.  She gave the anti-American movie nearly full marks.

The state-run and state-owned CBC just promoted an anti-America disgrace—a film called “Rendition” which seems designed to foster anti-American sentiment throughout the world regarding its disposition of the war on terror.  This, during the war on terror, when America’s men and women are fighting abroad, are in constant danger, and sensible people agree every effort should be made to promote their safety and get behind the mission.  To do nothing that would foster anti-American sentiment amongst our enemies.  To in fact foster pro-American friendship and support.  To get on the side of the good guys.  Which, liberals, is our side.

Not for the CBC.  They’re a disgrace.  The state’s official movie reviewer, Jelena Adzic, on CBC “Newsworld” no less, reviews the movie with such fawning enthusiasm it actually made me laugh a little.  Then I realized it wasn’t actually funny.

She begins her glowing review with the words: “Corruption, lies, torture—it’s all in a day’s work for Jake Gyllenhaal as an agent for CIA Agent!” 


Don’t worry—the movie reviewer doesn’t question that premise of the CIA being about nothing but “Corruption, lies, and torture”—she just reports it enthusiastically.

You might remember Jake Gyllenhaal as one of the cowboys in Brokeback Mountain. Here he is again.  Representin’.

She describes one of the stars, noted Hollywood liberal-leftist Meryl Streep, as someone whose performance is so great it “once again proves she eats Oscars for breakfast!”

You’ll remember Meryl Streep as the one who used the liberal-fest Golden Globes a few years ago as a platform to bash President Bush with these lunatic words in the middle of her thank you lecture:  “I just want to say that I don’t think the two biggest problems in America are that too many people want to commit their lives to one another until death do us part, and steroids in sports. I don’t think those are our two biggest problems.” 

Then she tootled off with her shiny trinket.

“A sophisticated package of drama and social commentary!” Adzic breathlessly says of the Rendition movie, generally.

Then this bon mot: It’s “refreshingly un-rah-rah-USA! and most definitely entertaining!” 

“Refreshingly un-rah-rah-USA”? Nice multicultural diversity-luvin’ statement, there, from our state-run, state-owned liberal-leftist media.  Nice display of tolerance of Americans and America.  Of course these are the folks who created “Little Mosque on the Prairie”.

In my personal opinion, I think that kind of statement is totally uncalled-for, misdirected, absolutely xenophobic, and completely revolting.  I think it betrays an arrogant, typically Canadian-liberal-leftist smug, anti-American sentiment the likes of which I’m officially bored of beyond repair.  I’m sick and tired of hearing that garbage from the liberal-leftists of this country.

Of course as I keep saying, liberals always say things as though everyone in the room agrees with them.  I think we in the sensible set might want to consider speaking up and putting them in their rightful or more accurately, their leftful place. 

Just what the hell is wrong with the USA, and being all “rah-rah” about it?  It would in fact be refreshing to hear something “rah-rah” out of that abjectly liberal-left anti-American Hollywood for once.  As a proud Canadian I certainly am “rah-rah” about the United States.  I love that country.  I absolutely fully support America, Americans, and yes, the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan, and against terrorism and tyranny generally.

And so I will never, ever go to a trash movie like this, and I can’t believe our state-run media would promote as they did today.

What a load of liberalism.


Opening day a total flop

“New Line’s heavy-handed political thriller Rendition starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal flatlined into only 9th place, opening to $1.4 million from 2,362 runs. Its weekend take should be just $4.2 mil, showing again that message movies aren’t resonating with audiences this year.”



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