CBC anchor pushes guest for “man-made-global warming” answer on California fires


Fires are still burning in southern California but they’re getting under man-made control now, so it’s onto project “blame it all on man-made global warming!” at the state-run CBC. 

First up:  “News” anchor Nancy (“very interesting!”) Wilson has a well-chosen guest—an environmentalist from California named Richard Halsey from the Chaparral Institute.


First question asked, but not getting the “man-made global warming” statement (“news”!) from her guest that I think she’s really looking for, she tries again for that “news” headline.

Nancy Wilson: …How much of that comes from [emphasis] HUMAN ACTIVITY?!

Guest:  [paraphrasing] … natural fire patterns…. yackity yack.

Wrong answer, huh, Mizz Wilson?  So… try again!  Push that agenda! 

Nancy Wilson: …Yeah help me understand that a bit more—when you say fire patterns have changed, what does that mean, and when you talk about human activity being [emphasis] RESPONSIBLE, AGAIN WHAT ARE YOU GETTING AT?!

Guest:  [paraphrasing]  …power lines going down, campfires, blah blah, etc…


All wrong, I guess!  So try again!  This time she gets right to HER POINT, which is really the point of this “news”  interview anyway, as I saw it. 

Nancy Wilson: You know, we hear some observers say that [emphasis] ACTUALLY, CLIMATE CHANGE is a factor in creating these more intense—uh well the dryer conditions leading to these more intense fires, what is your read on that theory?!

Guest:  [paraphrasing]:  …we don’t know that…

Clearly not interesting to Mizz Wilson, so… see ya!

Nancy Wilson: …Very interesting! … thanks so much…!

Bah bye!

Bring in the new batter!  Later, with the new “news” anchor Suhana Meharchand in place, they gave it another shot with another expert.  He also failed to blame it on “man-made global warming”—actually did so within the first two minutes or so.  But the CBC kept their big “FIRES AND CLIMATE CHANGE” scare banner in place anyway.  I think they do this to purposely mislead people.  To make that connection between the fires and “climate change” whether it exists or not.  Don’t forget: they had that banner in place before even hearing the answer from the expert, who as it turns out made no such direct connection—quite the opposite, in fact. Only the CBC made that connection. 


A bit of deceptive subliminal seduction, methinks.

She introduces her guest, a NASA climatologist named Bill Patzert, with this preamble:  “…the heat and drought has fed the flames and it has some people asking if they are in any way linked with climate change…” [the only people asking that are the leftist “man-made global warming” freak-out artists, which of course includes the CBC].

He doesn’t immediately validate that theory in his first words, so, like Wilson before her in the previous shift, Meharchand presses him to get to that “right answer”:

Meharchand:  “…How much of it can you blame on climate change for certain?…”

Part of his precise answer: “…We can’t blame this on global warming…”

She drops the effort, but the scare banner remained in place right through to the end of the long piece.


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