CBC “news” report: Hillary’s birthday!

Yes it was on CBC Newsworld, so you know it’s news!  Unfortunately, they apparently lost the footage from the President’s birthday, Rudy Giuliani’s birthday, Mitt Romney’s birthday, Duncan Hunter’s birthday, Mike Huckabee’s birthday, John McCain’s birthday, Fred Thompson’s birthday, and many more, including mine. 

Liberals and their media work their butts off to get Canadians to stop recognizing the birth of Jesus Christ every December 25, but Hillary?  Pierre Trudeau?  This calls for a 6-part series on “The Passionate Eye” or the “Fifth Estate”! 

It was teased well before the story on “Hillary” (you can call her “Hillary” when ya luvs ‘er, but calling Prime Minister Harper “Steve” should be seen as an insult) was actually reported.  See—here’s a screen-capture:

It’s coming up!
Don’t go to Fox News Channel!  Golly… it’s Hillary!  Smooch!


Over the CBC banner of “CELEBRATING HILLARY”, It was described as a “love in” by the “reporter”.  He added over the lovely, lengthy film footage that “Not everyone’s lucky enough to have Elvis Costello entertain at their birthday bash, and only one person’s blessed with Bill…”.  (See, Bill Clinton was there too —or “Bill”, if ya luvs ‘im— which means it was super fun, and super “smart”! And a blessing!  Oh the progressive yumminess!)

But let me go ahead and repeat that blessing for you:  “Not everyone’s lucky enough to be blessed with Bill.  Amen!   

Let’s review; When “Bill” shows up at your birthday, it’s a blessing.  But it’s a “so-called” war on terror


I wonder if Liberal MP Mario Silva is jealous now that his proposed legislation to officially commemorate the birth of Pierre Trudeau with a Trudeau Day every year has been properly laughed into oblivion.


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